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AWS Aggressively Positions Cloud as Parse Replacement for Mobile Developers

Amazon Web Services is all about scale, of course, and the cloud vendor is putting its scaling capabilities into play by aggressively wooing mobile developers who need a new back-end service for their apps now that the popular Parse platform is being shut down by Facebook in less than a year.

AWS Launches Game Development Services

Amazon Web Services today announced two new services designed to help professional game developers create cross-platform, cloud-connected games, providing a free front-end IDE, a game engine and a back-end server-side component.

Rivals' Higher Growth Rates Fail To Dent AWS Market Lead

Microsoft and Google are boasting higher growth rates for their respective cloud services, but as yet they have been unable to eat into the tremendous market share lead enjoyed by Amazon Web Services, according to new research from Synergy Research Group.

Array Networks Aims SSL VPN at AWS

Coming just a week after AWS simplified its Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security certificate management is a new SSL virtual private netowork solution introduced today by Array Networks.

AWS Beefs Up Developer Training

Amazon Web Services has improved its three-day developer training classes, adding support for more programming languages in practice labs and more coverage of dev-oriented AWS services, among other enhancements.

AWS Brightens Lackluster Q4 for Amazon reported its fourth-quarter earnings on Thursday, and while the retail giant may have missed Wall Street estimates, its cloud business continues to boom.

New Disaster Recovery Options Feature AWS

With nearly three-quarters of companies reportedly "failing" at disaster recovery, new options to ease the process are continually emerging to work with the Amazon Web Services cloud, an ideal backup and recovery data store.

AWS Simplifies Web Site Security Certificates

Amazon Web Services is getting into the digital Web site security certificate business, launching a new service to simplify the process of using Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) certificates, providing authentication and encryption.

Unisys Puts Micro-Segmentation Security on AWS Marketplace

Unisys has put its Stealth micro-segmentation security solution on the Amazon Web Services cloud, providing protection based on identity, not network topology.

AWS Big Data Test Drives Offered by MapR

MapR Technologies, one of the leading "big three" vendors of commercial Hadoop-based distributions, has added new offerings to the Big Data Test Drive program on the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud.

Microsoft Parries AWS Price Cuts with Azure Reductions

Microsoft on Thursday announced another round of price reductions for its Azure public cloud, despite indications that the price war between it, AWS and Google may be approaching a detente.

Study: Cloud Computing Prices Starting to Stabilize

After a years-long freefall, cloud computing prices are starting to stabilize, according to a new report from TLC Consultancy, which says providers are now starting to differentiate themselves more with service innovations.

Google Slams AWS Price Cuts

Google was unimpressed with the recent price cuts announced by Amazon Web Services, claiming its competing Google Cloud Platform is still the "price/performance leader" among public cloud computing providers.

AWS Expands Cloud Footprint in Asia

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) this week launched a new datacenter region in Seoul, South Korea, further solidifying its foothold in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) area.

AWS Challenge to Enterprise E-mail Goes Live

After a nearly year-long preview, Amazon Web Services has made its Amazon WorkMail offering generally available in a challenge to established enterprise e-mail vendors.

AWS Slashes EC2 Prices Again

Amazon Web Services fired another volley in the cloud price wars this week, announcing the latest round of price cuts to its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service.

Analyst Sees 2016 'Street Battle' Between AWS and Microsoft Azure Clouds

Amazon Web Services, long the leader in the public cloud space and under siege from upstart challengers such as Microsoft and Google, will see even more increased competition in the new year, with Microsoft's Azure cloud the primary protagonist.

AWS Internet of Things Platform Hits General Availability

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) formally threw its hat into the Internet of Things (IoT) arena on Friday with the official launch of AWS IoT.

2015 Wrap-Up: Top 10 AWS Articles of the Year

From outages to AWS' first earnings milestone, here are our most popular articles of 2015.

AWS Releases Its Smallest EC2 Instance Type

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) on Tuesday announced the availability of its newest burstable EC2 instance type, the T2.nano.

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