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Download free editorial and vendor papers related to cloud, AWS, Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3 and other related Amazon services. The information can help IT administrators, architects and developers with deployment, systems management, service, troubleshooting and development within their chosen infrastructures. Also see our Free Webcasts.

AWS and Media & Entertainment for Beginners

Explore media workflows in AWS with this eBook, featuring AI/ML, Data Analytics, Broadcast, Live Remote Production, D2C & Streaming, Content Production, Monetization, Media Supply Chain, and how TrackIt can help implement a custom solution.

Safeguarding the Future with GenAI Security

Step into the future confidently with our comprehensive guide, "Safeguarding the Future with GenAI Security." As generative artificial intelligence (genAI) reshapes industries, understanding and implementing robust security measures becomes indispensable. This guide offers a strategic blueprint to navigate the complexities of genAI, ensuring your business not only harnesses its potential but does so securely and responsibly.

Preparing Your Contact Center for the Generative AI Revolution

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions allow modern organizations to effectively utilize the vast amounts of data generated by contact centers. This results in actionable insights and streamlined operations. In Preparing Your Contact Center for the Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution, we explore the transformative potential of generative AI in enhancing contact center operational efficiency, customer experience, and employee productivity.

Transform Your Patient Experience

The healthcare customer experience is undergoing a massive transformation due to increased competition and patient demands for more personalized, streamlined experiences. To compete in today’s rapidly changing environment, healthcare providers need a simple, scalable contact center solution that adjusts to patients’ needs in real time while enabling easy and natural engagement. This white paper explores how modernizing your contact center with cloud and AI technologies can improve efficiencies and patient experiences.

The Future of Hiring is Borderless

The competition for technical talent has never been more fierce. A global skills crisis is putting the brakes on innovation and digital transformation initiatives. To get ahead, you need to look beyond geographic borders.

The Shifting Paradigm of the CIO

Download this free guide to delve into the strategic imperatives that will define success of CIOs in 2024 and beyond.

The Tech Leader’s Guide to Getting Started with GenAI

Read this eBook to learn how you can leverage GenAI and determine the right use case that will seamlessly integrate and generate ROI for your business.

The CIO’s Guide to Generative AI

Now is the time to fortify your AI ambition and build real solutions for everyday problems to drive efficiency and competitive differentiation. This guide delves into Generative AI’s diverse applications, necessary resources, and the strategic considerations that CIOs must weigh for successful implementation.

Hyperscale and 5G: The Future is Now

Learn more about the convergence of 5G and hyperscale through the lens of use cases – advanced driver-assisted systems (ADAS), connected health, factory automation, and unmanned data centers.

Reimagine Your Member Experience Leveraging AI + Cloud with SoftwareOne and Amazon Connect

Discover best practices for deploying and migrating your call centers, and how you could cut costs by up to 80%. In this eBook, learn the three common use cases facing credit union contact centers, how to address them, and the benefits for you and your members.