Talend Tool Simplifies Big Data Integration on AWS

The Talend Integration Cloud for integrating Big Data jobs on the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud has been updated to simplify the process.

Now, the company said, the Talend Integration Cloud Spring '16 edition uses fewer resources to help enterprises run Big Data integration jobs that are handled with AWS Redshift (a managed data warehousing service) or AWS Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) -- for running Hadoop and related Big Data applications -- at a lower cost.

For example, the product automates the provisioning and terminating of Redshift and EMR clusters for integration jobs, which involves integrating silos of disparate data stores, whether they're hosted on-premises or in the cloud, for Big Data analytics.

Other key features of the solution listed by Talend include:

  • Apache Kafka, Spark Batch, Streaming and Spark MLlib (machine learning) capabilities allow IT teams to enrich their real-time analytics, and quickly build end-to-end intelligent data pipelines connecting sensors, weblogs, clickstreams and other Big Data sources.
  • Ability to scale and optimize hybrid integration patterns enabling IT to expand structured and unstructured data sets without over-extending budgets.
  • Improved visibility and control of enterprise cloud environments increasing IT's ability to scale resources, better manage deployments with improved job scheduling, monitoring, clustering and optimized integration workflows, as well as quickly pinpoint and correct any errors.

Talend exec Ashwin Viswanath expounded on the Kafka and Spark capabilities in a blog post last week.

"It's no surprise that real-time Big Data in the cloud is now a reality for any business trying to keep pace with their competition," Viswanath said. "Transforming real-time streaming data for analysis requires the use of a streaming engine for ingestion, such as AWS Kinesis, Apache Kafka or Flume, amongst others. The Spring release of Talend Integration Cloud adds supports for Apache Spark and Kafka and makes it easy to build intelligent pipelines from a variety of Big Data sources. Moreover, Talend Integration Cloud makes use of the common architecture of Talend Data Fabric, which means that users can access over 900 connectors and components instantaneously."

A free trial is available for the product, for which subscriptions can be obtained from sales outlets.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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