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WinDocks Lands in AWS Marketplace

.NET developers looking for a smoother solution for spinning up Windows Server 2012-based Docker containers in the AWS cloud now have a new option at their disposal.

Salesforce Taps AWS for Cloud Expansion, a customer relationship management specialist that provides software and services through a variety of solutions hosted on its own cloud infrastructure, has selected Amazon Web Services to be its preferred public cloud infrastructure provider.

Firm Tracks Top AWS Products

Cloud computing specialist 2nd Watch has issued new research identifying the top Amazon Web Services products used by its customers during the first quarter of the year.

Open Source Apex Manages AWS Lambda Functions

Recently upgraded open source software called Apex lets developers manage AWS Lambda functions with enhanced functionality.

Logicworks Launches Cloud Patrol Security Tool on AWS

Logicworks has launched Cloud Patrol to manage security policies on the Amazon Web Services AWS cloud, applying DevOps and engineer support to automated cloud security monitoring.

Amazon EC2 Run Command Gets an Update

Enhancements to the latest update include additional Windows management commands, document management and sharing capabilities, and an open source Simple Systems Manager agent. 

AWS Launches New EC2 Instance for SAP Workloads

Five months after launching its smallest EC2 instance type, Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) on Wednesday unveiled its largest -- the X1.

AWS IoT Button Sells Out in Less than a Week

Just introduced last week, the limited release AWS IoT Button, designed to help developers use Internet of Things and other data-related services from Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), is no longer available.

AWS App Discovery Tool Now Available To Aid Migrations

The Application Discovery Service, a tool to aid in the migration of enterprise apps to the Amazon Web Services cloud, is now officially available.

AWS Enjoys Shift from On-Premises Datacenter Spending to Cloud

Amazon Web Services is the main benefactor from the growing expenditure on cloud infrastructure services, which research firm Canalys estimates reached $8.2 billion in the first quarter of this year, en route to $190 billion by 2020.

AWS Partners To Assist Enterprise Blockchain Experimentation

Digital Currency Group announced it was collaborating with Amazon Web Services to help enterprises better leverage blockchain technology, the underlying basis for the digital currency called bitcoin.

Infosys Teams with AWS To Ease Cloud Migration

Infosys, in a new strategic alliance with Amazon Web Services, is aiming to help enterprises smooth the transition to cloud computing.

Report Shows AWS Slow To Yield Ground to Fast-Growing Competitors

With a 31 percent worldwide market share in the cloud infrastructure market, Amazon Web Services is maintaining a solid lead over competitors who are themselves enjoying growth rates of well more than 100 percent, according to new data from Synergy Research Group.

Cloud Growth Bolsters Amazon's Q1 Earnings reported positive earnings in its first-quarter financial report on Thursday, with the growth in its cloud business leading the pack.

AWS Launches Device Farm Remote Access Preview

Amazon Web Services beefed up the capabilities of its AWS Device Farm mobile app testing service with a new remote access beta offering.

Capital One Open Sources AWS Resource Management Tool

More known for financial services than cloud development tools, Capital One has nevertheless open sourced its Cloud Custodian tool for managing AWS cloud computing and storage resources.

AWS To Simplify Application Migration to Cloud

Coming soon from Amazon Web Services is a new service designed to simplify the process of planning the migration of enterprise applications to its cloud.

Survey Investigates Moving Apps to AWS Cloud

E-mail was front and center in a new survey published by Intermedia to investigate what applications are being migrated to the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Andy Jassy Named AWS CEO

Apparently growing a product into a $10 billion business deserves a promotion: Longtime Amazon Web Services leader Andy Jassy has been named CEO.

npm Enterprise JavaScript Package Manager Now on AWS

The company behind the enormously popular npm package manager for JavaScript has put its enterprise offering on the Amazon Web Services cloud, making it available as an Amazon Machine Image for the first time.

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