GitHub Repository Lists AWS Awesomeness

A GitHub repository aims to be your one-stop shop for all things awesome in the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) ecosystem.

Awesome AWS is "a curated list of awesome AWS libraries, open source repos, guides, blogs and other resources," the site says, inspired by the "awesome list," a curated list of awesome lists. The Awesome AWS repo is published by Donne Martin, a Washington, D.C. developer.

Chock full of resources of all types, with lists within lists, the wares on Awesome AWS are ranked by "the Fiery Meter of AWSsome," which assigns fiery "stars" to repositories that make the list.

The list includes: SDKs and samples for more than a dozen languages; command-line tools; IDE toolkits; dozens of open source repos ranging from API Gateway to Machine Learning; guides and other documentation for developers.

It also lists: KPIs and stats; an appendix of core services; books; training resources; case studies; AWS-related blogs; community influencers; YouTube channels; LinkedIn groups; conferences and much more.

The site also references a counterpart "watch list" of other resources "that might be good additions to awesome-aws."

It include eight repos, four AWS services (certificate-manager, lumberyard, gamelift and gamedev) and other resources.

"If you see anything here that you can vouch for, feel free to open up a pull request to start the discussion," Martin said.

Under the project's "contributing guidelines," potential repos must meet one of the following criteria to be included on Awesome AWS:

  • Community-authored repo with more than 100 stars.
  • Community-vouched repo with fewer than 100 stars.
  • Official repo from AWS or AWS Labs.

"100+ stars for community repos is not a strict requirement, it only serves as a guideline for the initial compilation," Martin said. "If you can vouch for the awesomeness of a repo with [less than] 100 stars and you can explain why it should be listed, please submit a pull request." He points to more information on the "awesome manifesto."

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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