Docker Integrates with AWS, Azure Clouds

Software container company Docker Inc. announced a beta program for Docker for AWS and Docker for Azure.

Featuring integration with the respective infrastructures for the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) and Microsoft Azure clouds, the new offering is described by the company as the best way to install Docker on AWS and Azure and then configure and maintain the deployment.

The new initiative provides Docker 1.12 with swarm mode enabled.

The infrastructure integration means users can use a pre-existing SSH key associated with their Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) account for access control, Docker said, while configuring security groups and virtual networks for simplified Docker setups and operations.

The company said the beta program has the same goals as its Docker for Mac and Windows:

  • Deploy a standard Docker platform to ensure teams can seamlessly move apps from developer laptops to Docker staging and production environments, without risk of incompatibilities or lock-in.
  • Integrate deeply with underlying infrastructure to make sure Docker takes advantage of the host environment’s native capabilities and exposes a familiar interface to administrators.
  • Deploy the Docker platform to all the places where you want to run containerized apps, simply and efficiently and at no extra cost.
  • Make sure the latest and greatest Docker versions are available for the hardware, OSs, and infrastructure you love, and provide solid upgrade paths from one Docker version to the next.

Interested developers and users can sign up for the beta program.

"We will release updates to both Docker for AWS and Azure in lockstep with Docker RC and GA releases," the company said. "Updating to a new Docker version is seamless: Docker will gradually start new manager nodes and switch them into the manager quorum. Worker nodes are then drained of containers before incrementally getting switched onto the new version to complete the update. The new services and state reconciliation features of Docker 1.12 ensure that apps running on the swarm are minimally affected by the update."

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