2016 Wrap-Up: Top AWS How-To Columns of the Year

You had AWS questions, our cloud guru Brien Posey had the answers. Here are top five most-read AWS how-to columns of 2016.

5. Preparing the AWS Command Line for a Windows Environment
The method for installing and preparing AWS CLI varies from one operating system to another. Here's how to deploy it for Windows. [Read here]

4. Load Balancing a Web Application in Amazon EC2
Workload scaling and load balancing are core functions of Amazon's flagship cloud service. Brien walks you through the process of creating and configuring a load balancer in AWS. [Read here]

3. Extending Active Directory to the AWS Cloud
Making on-premises Active Directory available to resources in the AWS cloud involves using the AD Connector option and a gateway VPN connection. [Read here]

2. Creating and Logging In to a Windows VM in AWS
Don't be fooled. While it sounds rudimentary, the process of deploying an Amazon EC2 virtual machine can be disorienting if you're coming from a native Windows Server environment. [Read here]

1. Deploying a Cloud-Based Active Directory Using AWS
Rather than manually provision an Active Directory environment, you can use AWS' automated setup process. [Read here]


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