Get CloudFit: Top 11 AWS Best Practices for Cloud Security

Join Marco Genovese as he coaches us through the top eleven most important security practices designed to improve your cloud’s overall security and fitness in the shortest time possible. Learn more.

Date: 10/26/2017

Time: 10:00 am

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Privileged Access Security for AWS EC2 Instances

Organizations are extending their data centers to a hybrid cloud environment, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) quickly becoming one of the most popular IaaS options. But, they face the challenge of maintaining the same level of privileged access security that they currently have on-premises. Learn more.

Cloud Killed The Firewall

Cloud and DevOps changed everything. Existing DMZ and network perimeter architectures are not built to properly secure new cloud-connected applications now dominating the hybrid enterprise. Likewise, as DevOps and cloud drive faster application deployment, legacy DMZ architectures are simply too slow and complex to accommodate the highly agile cloud-connected enterprise. Learn more.