How Inhabit IQ Automates Data Pipelines from Staging to Snowflake

In this webinar, Inhabit IQ’s Misagh Jebeli will share his experience leveraging Fivetran for data ingestion, Trifacta on AWS for data preparation and Snowflake as a centralized data warehouse. Learn more.

Date: 10/08/2020

Time: 11:00am

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Maximizing AWS in 2021 Summit

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AI, Machine Learning and Smart Analytics Possibilities in AWS

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AWS Security Best Practices and Cost Optimization

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What's New in AWS: A 50-Minute Overview

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How to Backup AWS Easily While Saving Big

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Why an AWS DevOps Practice Demands Better Observability

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How to Simplify Data Protection for AWS Cloud Workloads

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Three Ways to Slash Your Enterprise Cloud Storage Cost

The cost of cloud storage is often the biggest roadblock for moving business applications to the cloud. Cloud solutions need storage, and if your solution requires Terabytes of storage, you are at the mercy of the cloud provider for that storage. In this webinar, we will show you three ways to reduce your cloud storage expenditure while increasing control and performance.

Crush Data Retention Costs For Mission Critical Apps in AWS

Join Chadd Kenney, Clumio Chief Technologist and Steve McDowell, Moor Insights Sr. Storage Analyst, as they discuss overcoming the economic and compliance challenges of migrating mission critical apps to Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). Learn how to conquer snapshots and reduce retention costs by 50% while addressing fast operational recovery, ransomware, and long-term data retention. Learn more.

How HubSpot Solved the Challenges of an Overwhelmed ELK Stack

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Video - Security with Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on AWS

Security considerations are integral to customer plans for modernizing workloads and application development processes. This video explores the security tenets of key importance to customers that AWS interviewed and how the comprehensive, multi-layer security features of Red Hat OpenShift on AWS meets application security footprint requirements in a modern context.

Video - Quickly install and deploy Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on AWS

Customers are looking to simplify and accelerate the installation and provisioning process for application platforms both in a hybrid context and in the cloud. This video explores the new OpenShift features and options that speed up deployment.

Leveraging IT & Enterprise Service Management for Cloud Automation & Governance

According to most credible CIO sources, Cloud makes the top 3 in the priority for 2020. Increasingly leading organizations are looking for ways to streamline and automate cloud services and management while retaining real-time governance to maximize the impact cloud can have on innovation in the business. ​ Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour

Databasing in the Cloud

The advantages to the cloud are well known but moving your database to a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) either in the cloud or a hybrid environment raises questions and you need to know the answers. Find out what you need to know in this webcast! Learn more.

Lambda and Beyond! Leveraging Amazon S3 for Serverless Development and Search Analytics

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Automating Container Security with AWS and Lacework

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Building a Modern Data Protection Strategy with Veeam® and AWS

Now is the time to increase agility by embracing a cloud data protection strategy and replacing legacy tape backup processes with the flexibility and cost-efficiency of AWS and Veeam.