Top Do's and Don'ts of Enterprise Cloud Migration

Join cloud solution architect and technical trainer Tim Warner for a content-rich, “no fluff” breakdown of proven “do this, not that” cloud migration approaches.  Learn more.

Date: 05/14/2021

Time: 9:00am

Duration: 1 hour

Enterprise Cloud Migration Summit

Join us for this half-day summit brought to you by the editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review and Redmondmag.com to learn what you need to know to get your enterprise safely cloud-enabled. Learn more.

Date: 05/14/2021

Time: 9:00am

Duration: 3 hours

Enterprise Cloud Migration Best Practices

Join this session as we look into topics including having a plan, being prepared, and understanding your application and data infrastructure environment.   Learn more.

Date: 05/14/2021

Time: 10:00am

Duration: 1 hour

Enterprise Cloud Wars 2021 Summit

Join for this fun and fast-paced half-day summit where the editors of Redmondmag.com and Virtualization & Cloud Review bring together independent experts to discuss the pros and cons of many of today's top cloud solutions as well as what's working for organizations like yours.  Learn more.

Date: 05/26/2021

Time: 9:00am

Duration: 3 hours

AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP: Public Cloud Smackdown

In this tongue-in-cheek but informative roundtable session, public cloud experts will review what makes different public cloud systems great but also the weaknesses of each and what you might want to watch out for.  Learn more.

Date: 05/26/2021

Time: 9:00am

Duration: 1 hour

Best Practices for Making AWS and Azure Work Together

Join the second session of our Enterprise Cloud Wars 2021 Summit and get insights on what you need to do in your enterprise to make them work well together. Learn more.

Date: 05/26/2021

Time: 10:00am

Duration: 1 hour

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Top AWS Security Threats (and What You Can Do About Them!)

The world of data protection is always evolving and there's a reason for it -- cyberattacks are getting more and more sophisticated and elaborate, and we must keep up if we want to stay secure. Learn more.

Achieve HITRUST Faster and Accomplish More with AWS and Cloudticity

HITRUST is becoming critical to healthcare partners' success. While certification offers immediate advantages, such as an easier way to manage HIPAA security and access to a larger customer base, the road to HITRUST can be daunting.

Three reasons why developers choose Red Hat OpenShift

Want innovation without limitation? This video covers three key reasons why developers choose Red Hat® OpenShift® to build and deploy applications across multiple infrastructures.

What's New (and Hot) in AWS

Don't miss this 50-minute session where our expert packs in as much knowledge as possible and takes your questions at the end! Learn more

Actionable AWS Security

Attend this session to learn the top expert best practices for security, backup and recovery that you should be doing right now if you have an AWS Cloud environment anywhere in your infrastructure.  Learn more

What's New in AWS Summit

Join this half-day seminar as we explore all the new (or overlooked!) features, tools, security and backup and recovery options AWS has to offer that you might not have had time to keep up on. Learn more

Hottest Third-Party Tools!

Find out the hottest third-party tools the AWS Cloud ecosystem has to offer your enterprise. Learn more

Recorded Demo: AWS-native Backup with Veeam

Watch this interactive session to learn more about how NEW Veeam® Backup for AWS delivers AWS-native backup and recovery that is both cost-effective and secure. Our Veeam/AWS experts will share:

NEW AWS Backup and Recovery Release

Veeam® is excited to announce the biggest release in its AWS backup and recovery capability history – Veeam Backup for AWS v3! This exciting, new release delivers the same AWS‑native, cost‑effective and secure data protection to more services on AWS, as well as other big new features.

Protecting Workloads on AWS: Simplified Security

In this webinar, we offer expert guidance for building robust and effective security into your AWS-hosted workloads, allowing you to focus on meeting your business's most important demands. Learn more.

The Future-Proof Data Lake for Log Analytics That You Already Have (but just aren’t using!)

Ah - the original promise of data lakes (you can almost hear the sad trombone). As management complexity and costs became untenable, and the delivered value failed to meet expectations, that original promise soured. Learn more about a new approach with virtually no future limitations based on speed, scale or cost.

The Modern ELT Stack to Win with Cloud Data Warehousing

Join technical leaders from Fivetran, Trifacta and AWS, for a live webinar on the rise of ELT architectures for cloud data warehousing and why they have become the de facto standard in cloud analytics. Learn more.

What’s new in the latest Veeam Backup for AWS

Veeam’s® AWS‑native backup and recovery solution just got better! Watch this webinar with demo to learn everything you need to know to protect your Amazon EC2 instances and the newest features that make Veeam Backup for AWS more cost‑effective, more powerful and easier than ever.

AWS‑native backup in Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ v10A’s standout new capability is undoubtedly AWS-native backup and recovery, right in the console you know and love. Join this 30-minute technical session and demo to learn how you can easily protect your AWS data with the world’s leading backup and recovery solutions.

Recorded Demo: AWS Data Backup Best Practices

Despite AWS providing a secure and reliable platform for your workloads, it’s still your data and it’s your responsibility to protect and secure it.

How to Simplify Governance and Reduce AWS Snapshots Costs

Scaling on AWS can have unintended consequences that will negatively impact your data protection and AWS costs. Join Druva to learn how cloud growth doesn’t need to compromise data compliance or your cloud budget. Learn more.

Snapshots Ain’t Backups - Simplify Protection, Recovery and Data Retrieval

For enterprises, the power, simplicity, and ease of use promised by running business applications in the cloud are compelling. Learn more.

How To Automate Data in the AWS Cloud

In this webinar, Inhabit IQ’s Misagh Jebeli will share his experience leveraging Fivetran for data ingestion, Trifacta on AWS for data preparation and Snowflake as a centralized data warehouse. Learn more.

Maximizing AWS in 2021 Summit

In this half-day free Webinar, the editors of AWSInsider.net, as well as independent experts, will walk you through everything you need to know about what's happening (and what's coming) in AWS to help you modernize, secure and transform your enterprise. Learn more.

AI, Machine Learning and Smart Analytics Possibilities in AWS

Join this free, half-day virtual summit featuring the editors of AWSInsider.net and independent experts. They'll show you the possibilities of what Amazon offers which you can, of course, add on to. Learn more.

AWS Security Best Practices and Cost Optimization

Learn secrets from independent AWS security and cost experts about the don't-miss best practices every enterprise can follow to help keep their environments as secure (and cheap!) as possible. Find out more.

What's New in AWS: A 50-Minute Overview

Join the editors of AWSInsider.net as independent experts catch you up on all the AWS products you need to know about for the enterprise. Learn more.

How to Backup AWS Easily While Saving Big

Join this webinar to learn about why you should be protecting your AWS data and how to do it in the easiest and most cost-effective way. Learn more.

Why an AWS DevOps Practice Demands Better Observability

Join us to gain a full understanding of the health and performance of internal systems and how your system handles the unknown (the things you don't know you don't know) in this fireside chat between two knowledgeable IT industry veterans — John K. Waters, of Converge360 Research and Ben Newton, Sumo Logic Product Leader and Evangelist.

How to Simplify Data Protection for AWS Cloud Workloads

Are you struggling to protect your cloud-native AWS workloads? Watch this webinar to learn practical tips that your IT team can take to overcome AWS backup and disaster recovery challenges. Learn more.

Crush Data Retention Costs For Mission Critical Apps in AWS

Join Chadd Kenney, Clumio Chief Technologist and Steve McDowell, Moor Insights Sr. Storage Analyst, as they discuss overcoming the economic and compliance challenges of migrating mission critical apps to Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). Learn how to conquer snapshots and reduce retention costs by 50% while addressing fast operational recovery, ransomware, and long-term data retention. Learn more.

How HubSpot Solved the Challenges of an Overwhelmed ELK Stack

Join this webcast, and you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of what steps you should consider when faced with a log analysis approach that is no longer meeting your needs or your budget. Learn more.

Databasing in the Cloud

The advantages to the cloud are well known but moving your database to a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) either in the cloud or a hybrid environment raises questions and you need to know the answers. Find out what you need to know in this webcast! Learn more.

Lambda and Beyond! Leveraging Amazon S3 for Serverless Development and Search Analytics

Join this webcast, and you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how to extend the value of your AWS S3 storage in ways you may have never thought possible! Learn more.

Automating Container Security with AWS and Lacework

Using containers in AWS enables agile orchestration of application capabilities and require less coordination and oversight than on-premises or virtualization infrastructure. Watch now!

Building a Modern Data Protection Strategy with Veeam® and AWS

Now is the time to increase agility by embracing a cloud data protection strategy and replacing legacy tape backup processes with the flexibility and cost-efficiency of AWS and Veeam.