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Adopting Cloud First Data Protection at National Cancer Institute

Find out how you can meet federal regulations and standards and quickly answer legal hold and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. In this on demand webinar, you will hear about the National Cancer Institute (NCI), a federal agency with over 9,000 employees, had a mandate to meet the stringent requirements of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) for their endpoint devices. Find out how they overcame challenges in this webinar. Learn more.

Why ML-Powered Data Preparation is Foundational for Modernizing Analytics

Organizations striving to become data-driven often find themselves facing a number of major challenges, including breaking down data silos across different business units, streamlining data consolidation and transformation to accelerate time-to-insights and facilitating collaboration amongst various teams. Learn more.

How to Automate Compliance Gaps for Public Cloud

Traditional approaches to cloud compliance are not effective and require new cloud security tools and technologies to meet today's growing security demands. Learn more.

Automating Container Security with AWS and Lacework

Using containers in AWS enables agile orchestration of application capabilities and require less coordination and oversight than on-premises or virtualization infrastructure. Watch now!

Reaching the Elasticsearch Wall: When Expanding Log and Event Data Threatens to Topple Your ELK Strategy

Data is not helpful if you are drowning in it. This is especially true for the thousands of companies using the open source Elasticsearch solution to observe, measure and analyze their log and event data. If you are facing untenable costs or struggling with data retention, this webcast is for you. Learn more!

Free Up Time & Save Costs by Simplifying Data Protection for Microsoft Workloads

Customers are working with AWS and Druva to protect, manage, recover and scale backups on the AWS cloud, replacing legacy and complex backup solutions. Learn more.

Moving to SaaS: Better Data Protection at 50% of the TCO

Data protection is a prime service to move to a cloud-native architecture, and the TCO savings of moving to the cloud are astounding. Please join us for this interactive webinar. Sign up now!

Duration: 1 hour

Save Up to 50% in Backup Costs with Druva on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Customers are using Druva—built on Amazon Web Services (AWS)—to protect, manage, recover and scale backups on the AWS cloud, replacing legacy and complex backup solutions. Sign up.

Duration: 1 hr

How to Kickstart Security and Compliance for Your AWS, Azure, and GCP Clouds

Join us for a live webinar with Dan Hubbard, Chief Product Officer at Lacework on how to overcome the challenges of protecting your cloud and how to automate security and compliance across AWS, Azure, and GCP. Register now!

Duration: 1 hr

Cloud Backup for Large Data Environments

Businesses are quickly transitioning to the cloud, steering from traditional infrastructure, as the cloud provides scale, flexibility, and added resiliency. Learn more.

The Emperor Has No Network: Risks of a Network-Centric Cloud Security Approach

Join Fernando Montenegro of 451 Research and Dan Hubbard, Chief Product Officer at Lacework for this webinar about how to move away from a network-centric mindset and adopt a cloud approach to be successful in modern environments. Learn more.

Building a Modern Data Management Solution with AWS + Druva

Join us for this interactive webinar as we discuss data management challenges, management of business critical data in the cloud and best practices for modern data protection strategies. Learn more!

Backup, Disaster Recovery and Archival on the Public Cloud

Having a single, reliable data backup and disaster recovery solution can streamline IT operations and ensure business continuity - especially when managing distributed data. GulfMark, a Houston-based marine transportation service for the oil and gas industry, uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Druva to manage information across eight global data centers, as well as on its ships around the world. Learn more.


NetApp Private Storage (NPS) for Cloud

Learn about this cloud-connected storage solution that gives you public cloud compute elasticity with the performance, availability, and efficiency of enterprise storage. Watch this short video now.


Private Storage as a Service for Public Clouds

Andrew Sjoquist, CEO and Founder of ASE IT, discusses how ASE leveraged Platform Equinix to create a global data fabric solution. The hybrid, multicloud infrastructure enabled ASE to reduce the cost of accessing its storage via its NetApp Private Storage as a Service storage platform by 75%, gain faster access to vital cloud services for its customers, and improve the performance, scalability and resiliency of its international storage network. View now!

Streamline Backup & DR for Your Virtual Environments with AWS

A cloud-native backup and DR solution built on AWS can wake you up from this nightmare and turn your data protection into a streamlined and simplified operation with centralized management and global visibility while simultaneously reducing your costs. Please join 'Mr. Backup' Curtis Preston for this lively new session! Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour

AWS Cloud Native and On-Premise Application Data Protection

In this webinar, Microsoft MVP, VMware vExpert, book author and AWS hands-on expert Greg Schulz looks at issues, trends, tools, best practices and techniques for enabling data protection with AWS technologies.

Building a Modern Data Protection Strategy with Veeam® and AWS

Now is the time to increase agility by embracing a cloud data protection strategy and replacing legacy tape backup processes with the flexibility and cost-efficiency of AWS and Veeam.