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The Ultimate Guide to Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances

Reserved instances can appear complicated, but finding a solution that best suits your company doesn't mean becoming an expert yourself; you just need to know how to approach RIs and where they can make the biggest impact. Learn more.

Goodwill Stays Up and Running with AWS and N2WS

Read this case study to find out how AWS and N2WS helped Goodwill migrate to the cloud and implement a backup and data protection plan offering lower TCO than their previous on-premises solution. Learn more.

From Single File Recovery to Full Restore: Choosing the Right Backup and Recovery Solution for Your Cloud Data

Read this eBook to learn the important questions you need to ask about a backup and recovery solution for AWS workloads that ensures recovery within moments from any type of outage or failure. Learn more.

Conversational Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing has changed IT like few other things, and has been one of the defining technologies of the last decade. Even so, cloud computing can be somewhat ambiguous. Terms such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DRaaS, and others make for an alphabet soup of over-hyped buzz words. Read on.

16 Ways to Protect Your Cloud from Ransomware

Knowing your cloud inside and out is key to ransomware resistance. In “16 Ways to Protect Your Cloud from Ransomware,” learn about the cloud stack and how your organization can protect itself from ransomware threats. Read now!

Top 10 AWS Security Risks

AWS gives you thousands of ways to configure your cloud resources to ensure they are secure. The downside is that there are thousands of ways to mess it up. Even the most experienced users make mistakes. Learn about what you might be missing with the “Top 10 AWS Security Risks.” Read now!

AWS Security Fitness Guide: 11 Exercises to Get CloudFit

The bad guys are continuously looking for your cloud’s weaknesses, so don’t delay in getting your cloud security into shape. The “AWS Security Fitness Guide” will coach you through the necessary exercises to strengthen your cloud infrastructure. Read now!

The Six Essentials for DevOps Team Excellence

Enterprises are innovating and delivering digital services quicker than ever before. To achieve success, security must be in place. Learn how to maintain agility and security with "The Six Essentials for DevOps Team Excellence". Read now!

Secrets to Fast, Easy High Availability for SQL Server in Amazon Web Services

This white paper reveals the secrets to running SQL Server in the cloud without sacrificing high availability protection. Learn how new AWS Quick Start templates are making HA clusters for SQL Server easy to configure and deploy. Learn more!

Infographic - Proximity Matters

View this infographic to find out more about what Equinix with 180+ data centers across five continents (22 countries) in 44 markets can do to help you get the most out of the cloud. Learn more.