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Conversational Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing has changed IT like few other things, and has been one of the defining technologies of the last decade. Even so, cloud computing can be somewhat ambiguous. Terms such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DRaaS, and others make for an alphabet soup of over-hyped buzz words. Read on.

F5 and AWS: Advanced Application Delivery Services in the Cloud

AWS gives organizations the ability to build, test, and deploy applications without any on-premises equipment. As part of the AWS ecosystem, F5’s advanced application delivery services are available and configured to help apps go faster, smarter, and safer. Learn more.

MailControl Case Study

MailControl needed more visibility into the email traffic flowing through its application. Using virtualized F5 services on AWS, they increased their application monitoring capabilities and improved security, while automating processes to support its agile DevOps process. Read on.

Build a Better Cloud Guide

Each cloud migration effort is unique, with no single path. This guide is meant to support your journey as important decisions about your applications in the context of your new cloud environment and your business need to be made. Learn more.

Lifting and Shifting Enterprise Apps to the Cloud

Moving enterprise applications to a public cloud allows organizations to save money, increase flexibility, and move quickly into a cloud environment. Recognizing that applications still need a surrounding infrastructure is critical to a successful migration. Learn more.

Digital Dialogue: Meeting the Challenges of the IaC-Enabled, High-Velocity, Dynamic Cloud Era

Read this Digital Dialogue based on a recent webcast to learn why holistic automation solutions for cloud infrastructure and IaC is needed for companies facing new levels of operational complexity. Read now.

The Secret to a Highly Resilient AWS Environment

Learn exactly why backing up your cloud infrastructure should be an essential part of your backup and disaster recovery strategy. Read this whitepaper and learn how to develop a cloud strategy that protects you from outages and failures, both large and small. Read today!

Animated Video – Snackable

AWS makes it simple to set up cloud-based resources. But do you have secure, high-capacity, high-performance connectivity to and between AWS cloud instances? That’s where Riverbed comes in. Watch this short video to see the simplicity, performance, and reliability that AWS and Riverbed’s SD-WAN solution together provide. Watch now!

Stairway to Cloud Networking Nirvana

Migrating to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud enables organizations to realize greater business agility and lower operational expenditures. However, using legacy network management solutions can leave you with poor agility. Learn how Riverbed and AWS can help you change the way you manage networks and get the most out of your AWS environment. Read more.

The Practical AWS EC2 Backup Guide

In this paper, we cover the fundamentals of operating a cloud service in AWS. We will look at how to provide reliable backup solutions using automated and manual snapshots to facilitate a robust environment aligned with your backup policies and mandates. Read on.