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Download free editorial and vendor papers related to cloud, AWS, Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3 and other related Amazon services. The information can help IT administrators, architects and developers with deployment, systems management, service, troubleshooting and development within their chosen infrastructures. Also see our Free Webcasts.

Why Infrastructure as Code Tools are Not Enough

Infrastructure as Code tools lack the visibility and management functionality that your teams need to understand usage, maintain configurations, and optimize cloud costs. It’s time for a new approach.

Understanding the Application Environment Control Plane

Today’s development teams lack the visibility and control to understand and manage application infrastructure. See how a control plane approach helps application teams leverage their existing IaC to improve productivity and optimize costs.

Navigating the DevOps Skills Gap

Don’t let the DevOps skills gap slow your teams down. Check out this whitepaper to see how automation can improve velocity while controlling cloud costs.

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS enables innovation and agility for modern business

Read about the features of using Red Hat OpenShift Service on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for modern business. Your download awaits.

Simplify hybrid cloud operations with Red Hat and AWS

Managed cloud services with built-in security features can help simplify modernization efforts. 4 ways to help your organization boost cloud security.

Accelerate your IT with managed cloud services

Making the shift to managed cloud services can help you modernize application development while reducing cost and complexity. Read the e-book.

Optimize application development with Red Hat and AWS

Read the brief to learn how Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS is ideally suited to allow your teams to focus on application development.

Transform your applications with Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

This e-book explores the consistency and flexibility needed to modernize existing, develop new, and deliver applications across infrastructures.

Guide to Microsoft Workloads Modernization

Modernizing Microsoft workloads is crucial for enhanced security, performance, cost-effectiveness, and innovation. In this guide, we dive deep into modernization options on AWS for Windows Server, SQL Server, Active Directory and .NET applications.

Migrate, optimize, and modernize Windows Server with AWS

Windows Server is of paramount importance to IT operations. In this eBook, learn how AWS helps you migrate, optimize and modernize these workloads, while providing guidance on End of Support (EOS) for Windows Server 2012.