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Discover how Sumo Logic Unites AWS Telemetry for Full Observability of your Applications

When it comes to understanding a large collection of logs, metrics, events, and traces to pinpoint root causes of issues, the centralized view that Sumo Logic delivers for Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be a lifesaver.

5 Best Practices for AWS Security Monitoring

Continuous innovation and speed to market are mandating dynamic paradigm shifts in how companies conceive, develop and implement IT operations and security strategies. Download to learn best practices to secure your cloud journey to AWS.

Log Management and Analytics Buyer's Guide

Download your copy today to understand key points when considering a log management and analytics solution.

Security Analytics for AWS

Learn more about deep security, compliance and performance insights for your AWS environment.

Sumo Logic for AWS Observability

Sumo Logic's AWS Observability solution leverages telemetry generated by AWS services to accelerate issue resolution, determine the root cause of failures, and help improve uptime and performance.

Why Sumo Logic for AWS Observability?

UserEvidence, an independent third party firm, contacted Sumo Logic users in late 2022 about their experience using our AWS Observability solution. When asked why they had chosen Sumo Logic, 3 top reasons emerged. Learn more!

5 Ways to Optimize App Dev Efficiency

As the global economy fluctuates, engineering budgets are getting squeezed. While you might think you need to cut tools and headcounts, you can actually manage costs by improving engineering efficiency with the right technology.

Automating Cloud Cost Management

If your cloud costs are getting out of control, reporting alone isn’t going to solve the problem. You need to take a more proactive approach to prevent those big cloud bills before they happen.

Driving Personalization at Scale with a Modern Marketing Data Stack

Interested in optimizing marketing efficiency? Consider leveraging first-party customer data to create personalized and engaging marketing campaigns. Improve the customer experience and build loyalty while maximizing the return on each dollar invested in your marketing efforts.

The Composable Customer Data Platform: What It Is and Why You Need One

In today's modern digital world, leveraging first party customer data is no longer a nice to have but a must have. Learn how to build a Composable CDP that leverages first-party data to enable the personalized experiences that customers expect with every interaction.