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Best Practices for Implementing Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

No matter how robust an organization’s IT systems may seem, disruptions are inevitable. Whether caused by human error, natural disasters, or malicious cyberattacks, an event that disrupts the operation of one or more of an organization’s applications can result in financial loss, reputation damage, and non-compliance.

IDC Spotlight - Preparing for Disruption with IT Resilience

Threats to data and reliability are more persistent and disruptive now than ever before. Besides external threats like ransomware, datacenter outages and natural disasters, organizations also have to protect their data against insider threats like human error and accidental (or intentional) deletion. Organizations rely on data and functioning data processing applications to keep their operations running and their customers satisfied, but if those get compromised, the disruption to their business can be irreparable.

Accelerating DevOps Processes While Keeping Your Developers Happy

While DevOps teams need to access infrastructure in a timely manner, limited resources make bringing applications to market quickly challenging. Learn what you can do to automate infrastructure provisioning to improve speed and governance.

Accelerating Developer Velocity with Environments as a Service

Learn how an Environments-as-a-Service approach provides developers with on-demand access to infrastructure while also improving governance and control.

Why Infrastructure as Code Tools are Not Enough

While IaC has become the de-facto method for deploying cloud infrastructure, developers’ need an application-centric approach. Learn more about how decentralized use of IaC tools can create production delays, security risks, and budget overruns.

Transforming IT Ops Into Digital Service Provisioning

Learn how IT teams are embracing a “digital service provisioning” approach to eliminate operational bottlenecks, automate access to frequently used infrastructure, and maintain control over configurations to optimize costs and maintain security.

The Total Economic Impact of Red Hat OpenShift cloud services

The purpose of this report is to provide a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Red Hat OpenShift cloud services on organizations.

Cloud, Containers and Managed Services: Value and Rapid Delivery for Enterprise, Government and Education

Containers are critical to digital transformation and success for today’s enterprise organizations. Cloud migration, containers, and Kubernetes can enable organizations to operate more strategically through abstraction and automation while also driving readiness for changes in the market. By migrating to the cloud and adopting cloud-native approaches, organizations are better-positioned to achieve agility, efficiency, and security in their software development and IT operations.

Simplify Kubernetes adoption

Red Hat® OpenShift® Service on AWS is a fully managed container platform service deployed and operated on AWS. It allows you to quickly and easily build, deploy, and manage containerized applications on a comprehensive Kubernetes platform.

Managed Kubernetes Platforms Can Accelerate Digital Transformation

The essential promise and power of Kubernetes is being realized by customers deploying multicloud environments to support the new working and consumer models. A managed service provides relief from operational complexity and lock-in, enabling customers to focus on application development and delivery. This analyst material looks at how organizations can use Kubernetes to digitally transform.