Salesforce, AWS Expand on Their Product Integrations

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Salesforce have announced plans to further integrate their services in an effort to "simplify how customers can securely share and synchronize data" across their respective clouds.

The new integrations were announced earlier this week at the annual Salesforce Dreamforce conference. AWS and Salesforce, already collaborators, described this week's news as "the next phase" of their existing partnership.

There are three prongs to this new phase. First, AWS will integrate its PrivateLink service with Salesforce APIs. Launched in late 2017, PrivateLink provides AWS customers with secure connections between their Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and other AWS services, VPCs and applications running on-premises. According to the announcement, the new integration between Salesforce and PrivateLink "will allow SaaS application developers who build on AWS to offer private endpoints as an additional option for accessing their service. This integration will provide endpoints for core Salesforce APIs within the developers' Amazon VPCs and vice versa."

Second, Salesforce Platform Events will be integrated with AWS services. Salesforce Platform Events is an application notification feature that was launched last summer as a native component in the Salesforce platform. Integrating this feature with AWS will enable the the cloud giant's customers to receive and interact with Salesforce notifications more easily, according to the announcement. "Events in Salesforce, such as the creation of a sales opportunity, can then easily trigger actions in AWS Lambda and other AWS products," Salesforce said. "Once processing is complete, results will publish back to Salesforce as Platform Events."

Third, the two companies plan to expand on the existing integrations between the Amazon Connect cloud-based call center solution and the Salesforce Service Cloud. "Amazon Connect for Salesforce Service Cloud will enable customers to build highly dynamic, AI-driven, self-service voice experiences with a Lightning-integrated agent and customer community. This may include prebuilt data and omni-channel integration, support for bots, and artificial intelligence (AI) built with Amazon Lex and Salesforce Einstein," Salesforce said.

"Because of the deep relationship between AWS and Salesforce -- Salesforce runs the vast majority of their public cloud workloads in AWS, and Amazon relies upon Salesforce across various businesses to enhance customer relationships -- we have a unique ability to integrate our services and provide customers with enhanced solutions," said Matt Garman, head of AWS Compute Services, in a prepared statement. "These new integrations will enable companies to leverage the full power of both platforms, driving innovation and building intelligent, connected customer experiences."

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