AWS Simplifies Virtual Private Servers with Lightsail

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) provides a simple way for developers to spin up virtual private servers (VPS) with the new Amazon Lightsail, announced at the company's ongoing re:Invent 2016 conference.

With just a few clicks, developers can jumpstart AWS projects with VPS by clicking configuration options for compute, storage and networking, the company said. Those options are presented in five pricing plans ranging from $5 to $80 per month, depending upon how much RAM, processing power, SSD storage capacity and data transfer allowances are needed.

The new offering supports Amazon Linux and Ubuntu OSes; applications including WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla! and Redmine; and computing stacks including Node.js, GitLab, LAMP, MEAN and Nginx.

While providing an easy-to-use jumpstart for using AWS compute services, Lightsail also leaves room for growth as needs change over time, letting developers connect to other AWS services such as managed databases (RDS, DynamoDB); the CloudFront content delivery network; S3 object storage and dozens more.

"All in all, Lightsail is the easiest way for you to get started on AWS and jumpstart your cloud projects, while giving you a smooth, clear path into the future," AWS spokesperson Jeff Barr said in a blog post yesterday.

Developers can experiment with Lightsail -- available for now only in the in the US East (Northern Virginia) Region -- for free for one month.

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