AWS Gives Bedrock Users an AI 'Playground' with PartyRock

Amazon is providing beginners and advanced developers who want to experiment with generative AI with a (currently) no-cost space to do so.

PartyRock, launched this month as a trial, is a Web-based generative AI application builder that doesn't require users to have an AWS account to access; a Google, Amazon or Apple account is enough.

It's also free for a limited time. Users can build apps in PartyRock as long as they have sufficient credits, which they can track on their profile page (named the "Backstage"). 

Per the FAQ, "The percentage balance reflecting the amount of free trial usage remaining for your account is displayed in real time within PartyRock on your Backstage profile page as PartyRock credit. PartyRock credit is calculated by your input tokens, output tokens, and generated images."

AWS describes PartyRock as the "playground" component of its Bedrock developer product, which became generally available this past September. Bedrock gives developers access to AI learning models from Meta, Anthropic and others via an API so they can build generative AI-enabled applications with relatively little overhead.

"By building and playing with PartyRock apps," said AWS in its announcement, "you'll learn the techniques and capabilities needed to take full advantage of generative AI, including experimenting with various foundation models, building intuition with text-based prompting, and chaining prompts together."  

As demonstrated in a blog post by AWS evangelist Jeff Barr, PartyRock users can use natural language prompts to create apps in just seconds. Extensive development or machine learning experience is not required.

"You can experiment, learn all about prompt engineering, build mini-apps, and share them with your friends -- all without writing any code or creating an AWS account," Barr wrote. "You can also start with an app that has been shared with you and remix it to further enhance and customize it." 

Currently, PartyRock only supports prompts written in English. Another caveat: Not every learning model that's available in Bedrock is currently supported in PartyRock. However, says AWS, "new and updated models may be added regularly."

More information on PartyRock is available here

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