New AWS Program Urges Graviton Adoption Among Customers and Partners

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced a new incentive for partners to build solutions around its powerful Graviton and Graviton2 processors.

The cloud giant announced the new AWS Graviton Ready Program on Monday, as part of its 2021 re:Invent conference, taking place this week in Las Vegas, Nev., and online.

Announced in late 2018, the Graviton processors are based on high-performance Arm micro-architecture aimed at the server market called Arm Neoverse. AWS touts these general-purpose processors as delivering high performance with good cost savings for cloud workloads running on Amazon EC2.

"EC2 instances powered by the Graviton2 processor provide up to 40 percent better price performance," said Doug Yeum, head of partner organization at AWS, during the Global Partner Summit Keynote at re:Invent on Monday. "We have a huge demand from customers to use this right now."

That demand comes with some challenges. Customers need help from partners with deploying, integrating, monitoring and securing these workloads, Yeum indicated. "They want software that is optimized for Graviton and provides feature parity to the x86-based version of that software," he added.

The AWS Graviton Ready Program helps connect partners with Graviton expertise with customers looking for help.

"This program validates software from our partners to ensure our customers have a consistent experience using that software on Graviton as they do on other instances," Yeum said. "And the program makes it much easier for customers to discover software products that they can use to accelerate their adoption of Graviton, and this is really important because it helps them realize cost savings sooner."

The validation part of the program is done by AWS Partner Solutions Architects. Currently, there are 25 partner solutions that have been validated as Graviton-ready from vendors like Trend Micro, Red Hat, Suse, Docker, Canonical and others. For a partner to get its solution listed as Graviton-ready, it must meet the requirements detailed in this checklist (log-in required).

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Gladys Rama (@GladysRama3) is the editorial director of Converge360.


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