Top 10 AWS Headlines of 2018

From new product milestones to the cloud market share race between Microsoft Azure and AWS, here are the most popular news articles of the past year.

10. New AWS Migration Tool Announced
The tool provides for automated migrations of any type of workload to the AWS cloud, adding to the company's Acura line that also targets Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and many other platforms. Read here.

9. AWS Lambda Now Supports .NET Core 2.0
Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) announced new support for creating Lambda functions with the C# programming language and .NET Core 2.0 libraries. Read here.

8. AWS Scores High Marks for Data Management Analytics
AWS was not only named a "Leader" in the field, but the cloud service is also referenced as the underlying platform backing the offerings of many other competing vendors. Read here.

7. AWS Publishes New Guidance on Big Data Using Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra
With the dizzying array of Big Data services available on the AWS cloud, all of the options can sometimes be hard to understand, a problem the company is addressing with continuing guidance that outlines best practices and other tips for using the various offerings. Read here.

6. AWS Releases EC2 Bare-Metal Instances
EC2 bare-metal instances are available via AWS' i3.metal instance family and are based on the cloud giant's years-long "Nitro system" effort, the aim of which AWS officials described at last year's re:Invent as "[making] the EC2 instance indistinguishable from bare metal." Read here.

5. Report: AWS Mulls Entering Enterprise Networking Space
According to the report, the AWS effort would leverage commodity, "white box," hardware and open source software, which are key tenets of the software-defined networking (SDN) movement that has also shaken up the traditional industry long dominated by Cisco. Read here.

4. AWS MSP Mission Debuts After Partner Mergers
Mission has its roots in a three-pronged M&A deal that closed this past June between Reliam, Stratalux and G2 Tech Group, all of which were members of the AWS Partner Network (APN) as Advanced Consulting Partners. Read here.

3. Oracle Gunning for AWS with 'Faster' Autonomous Database at '1/10th the Cost'
Although not often mentioned as a cloud leader with the likes of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, Oracle has repeatedly taken pot shots at AWS in promoting its own cloud service. Read here.

2. Microsoft Narrows AWS' Lead in Cloud Infrastructure Market
Cloud provider research for years has consistently named Amazon Web Services (AWS) the overwhelmingly dominant player, doggedly pursued by No. 2 Microsoft Azure. That's still true, but a recent report by analyst firm Canalys says the gap has narrowed. Read here.

1. AWS Edges Azure for Analyst's Top Cloud Dev Platform
The "Wave" report compares seven top providers -- Alibaba, Oracle, CenturyLink, IBM, Google, Microsoft and AWS -- but only the latter three are in the "Leaders" category, with Microsoft's Azure cloud and the AWS platform grouped at the top. Read here.


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