AWS Simplifies Mobile, Web App Development

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) took another step to simplify the development of mobile and Web apps in the cloud using its AppSync API.

The company announced a guided API Builder to work with its AppSync service, used to build data-driven apps with real-time and offline capabilities, that was launched in April.

However, one restriction to using AppSync was the requirement that developers be familiar with GraphQL, an open source data query and manipulation language combined with a runtime for handling queries with existing data, originally created by Facebook.

AWS, in an effort in "relaxing" this requirement, in July published the "no-code" GraphQL API builder, and now it has taken another step to simplify the process.

"With today's launch, we are making it even easier to create a powerful, serverless API for your mobile and Web apps without any prior knowledge of GraphQL," the company said in a Sept. 21 blog post.

"The guided API builder allows you to define a data model (that corresponds to your application's business logic) using a simple web form, and automatically creates the GraphQL schema, Amazon DynamoDB data table, and resolvers required for your app backend. You can also start by pointing AWS AppSync at your existing DynamoDB table to configure a data model corresponding to your existing data."

AWS also published a tutorial for working with the guided API builder.

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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