AWS AppSync for Data-Driven Apps Now Available

AppSync, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) tool for data-driven native mobile apps (and Web), is now production ready, replete with new functionality, the company said Friday.

AWS AppSync automatically updates the data stores used by iOS, Android, JavaScript and React Native apps with real-time syncing or offline functionality that retrieves data once connectivity is restored.

The API tool relies up GraphQL, an open source query language developed by Facebook and open sourced in 2016 to help request cloud-based data.

AppSync was introduced as a preview at the company's AWS re:Invent conference last year and was just Friday moved to production-ready status with new features, including: support for CloudWatch (AWS's resource monitoring service) such as console log access to see CloudWatch Logs entries; console testing with mock data; support for DynamoDB (AWS's NoSQL database service) batch operations and several more.

Available now, AWS AppSync's pricing details and a developer guide are available on the AWS site.

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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