Hyperconverged Infrastructure Firm Announces AWS Version

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) firm Pivot3 announced a cloud edition of its software for the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) platform, aiming to simplify the use of public clouds for tasks such as data replication.

HCI uses software-defined techniques for combining virtualized computing, storage and networking services, something the company has done with it on-premises offering.

Now the company has announced Pivot3 Cloud Edition on AWS, leveraging its policy-based management and automated resource orchestration technology, which it refers to as an Intelligent Cloud Engine.

That will initially enable customers to use the AWS cloud for backup and disaster services, the company said.

"This intelligent orchestration feature manages replication jobs based on service level priorities and simple data protection policies." Pivot3 said in a statement last week (March 27). "It runs in AWS as an Amazon Machine Image and is optimized to orchestrate replication of data from on-premises HCI to AWS. By quickly distributing data to multiple geographies, customers can eliminate the need to stand up a second datacenter or co-location facility."

While first being offered on the AWS public cloud, the company reportedly will later provide the same service on the Azure and Google cloud platforms as the firm pursues an expanded hybrid model.

"Pivot3's Cloud Edition on AWS brings a simple and sophisticated approach that addresses many of the challenges faced in leveraging public clouds," the company quoted Eric Sheppard, IDC Research vice president of server and storage infrastructure, as saying. "Companies must adapt to the evolving needs of businesses by developing a unified strategy for their public clouds and on-premises infrastructure. Pivot3's Intelligent Cloud Engine helps achieve such goals by tying these separate environments together with tools that drive operational simplicity through automation."

The new Pivot3 offering will reportedly be available in the second half of the year.

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