AWS Is a 'Most-Loved' Development Platform, Survey Says

Amazon Web Services was named one of the top three "most-loved" development platforms in a big new survey conducted by the Stack Overflow Q&A coding site.

In the survey, which polled more than 100,000 developer-type respondents, AWS came in at No. 3 among most-loved platforms (68.6 percent of respondents), trailing Linux (76.5 percent) and serverless (75.2 percent).

The survey said the most-loved question gauged the percent of developers who are developing with a technology and have expressed interest in continuing to develop with it.

AWS, of course, offers an Amazon Linux AMI (Amazon Machine Image) as well as serverless computing. Stack Overflow didn't specify if those Linux and serverless respondents were completely separate from AWS respondents, but the platform by any measure is an important platform for cloud computing development.

Most-Loved Platforms
[Click on image for larger view.] Most-Loved Platforms (source: Stack Overflow)

Stack Overflow also asked about most-wanted platforms (percent of developers who are not developing with the language or technology but have expressed interest in developing with it), and there AWS also placed third (12 percent), behind Android (16 percent) and Raspberry Pi (13.1 percent).

Among the most popular platforms (the most common choices that respondents say they have done development work for this year), AWS was No. 4 behind Linux, Windows Desktop or Server and Android -- while the next most popular cloud platform was Microsoft's Azure at No. 10.

The survey also asked respondents about their most-dreaded platforms (percent of developers who are developing with the technology but have not expressed interest in continuing to do so), and here AWS was way down the list at No. 24, with only serverless being lower.

You can read more about the huge survey at out sister site, ADTmag.

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