AWS Adds Custom Sign-In Support to Cognito

It's now easier for developers to customize the sign-in experiences in their mobile applications using Amazon Cognito.

As part of an update announced Thursday, Amazon Web Services has added several new features to Cognito User Pools, which is the mechanism in Cognito that lets developers create and manage their application's user directory, as well as users' sign-in/sign-up process.

AWS has added pre-built sign-in/sign-up user forms to Cognito User Pools that developers can easily add to their apps using the Amazon Cognito SDK.

These forms, now generally available, "enable[s] extensive customization of the user experience so you can match your style and branding," AWS said in its announcement.

Developers can also enable their customers to log in to their applications using other online accounts -- for example, their Facebook or Google accounts -- without having to juggle multiple providers' SDKs.

Instead, the updated Cognito User Pools can direct users an to AWS-hosted page to log in. Then, according to the announcement, "Cognito handles the identity provider interactions for you and creates user profiles for federated users in Cognito User Pools."

"Now you can enable your users to sign-up and sign-in using social identity providers, corporate identity providers with SAML, and a username, email address or phone number with Cognito User Pools," AWS said.

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Gladys Rama (@GladysRama3) is the editorial director of Converge360.


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