Amazon QuickSight for Enterprises Ready for Prime Time

An enterprise-grade version of Amazon Web Services' cloud-based data analytics and visualization service is now available.

The company launched Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition late last week, roughly one month after releasing the lighter-weight Standard Edition.

First announced at the 2015 re:Invent conference, QuickSight lets users organize, visualize, interact with and share data stored across different AWS sources. The service runs on a "super-fast parallel in-memory computation engine," or SPICE.

The newly launched Enterprise Edition differs from its Standard counterpart in that it also features integration with Microsoft's Active Directory service.

"The Enterprise Edition supports user authentication via AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory (AD). This allows your users to sign on to QuickSight using the credentials already in your AWS-hosted Microsoft AD or in a trusted on-premises AD. Either way, the Single Sign On (SSO) experience allows your users to get started more quickly and with less administrative overhead," wrote AWS evangelist Jeff Barr in a blog post.

The Enterprise Edition also includes the ability to encrypt data at rest "using keys managed by Amazon in order to provide an additional layer of protection for your data," Barr said.

As with the Standard Edition, AWS offers QuickSight Enterprise Edition in two subscription plans -- annual or month to month. Annual subscriptions cost $18 per user per month, while the month-to-month subscription costs $24 per user per month.

Both plans include 10GB of SPICE capacity, with the option to purchase additional capacity for $0.38 per GB per month.

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Gladys Rama (@GladysRama3) is the editorial director of Converge360.


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