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2023 State of IT Operations

Download the 2023 State of IT Operations Report to discover how you can unlock greater IT operations efficiency and see where your endpoint management maturity stacks up against your peers.

Accelerating DevOps Processes While Keeping Your Developers Happy

Limited access to cloud resources can prevent your development teams from bringing applications to market on time. Learn what you can do to accelerate developer productivity without sacrificing security or control.

Why Infrastructure as Code Tools are Not Enough

Infrastructure as Code tools lack the visibility and management functionality that your teams need to understand usage, maintain configurations, and optimize cloud costs. It’s time for a new approach.

Understanding the Application Environment Control Plane

Today’s development teams lack the visibility and control to understand and manage application infrastructure. See how a control plane approach helps application teams leverage their existing IaC to improve productivity and optimize costs.

Navigating the DevOps Skills Gap

Don’t let the DevOps skills gap slow your teams down. Check out this whitepaper to see how automation can improve velocity while controlling cloud costs.

Discover how Sumo Logic Unites AWS Telemetry for Full Observability of your Applications

When it comes to understanding a large collection of logs, metrics, events, and traces to pinpoint root causes of issues, the centralized view that Sumo Logic delivers for Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be a lifesaver.

5 Best Practices for AWS Security Monitoring

Continuous innovation and speed to market are mandating dynamic paradigm shifts in how companies conceive, develop and implement IT operations and security strategies. Download to learn best practices to secure your cloud journey to AWS.

Log Management and Analytics Buyer's Guide

Download your copy today to understand key points when considering a log management and analytics solution.

Security Analytics for AWS

Learn more about deep security, compliance and performance insights for your AWS environment.

Sumo Logic for AWS Observability

Sumo Logic's AWS Observability solution leverages telemetry generated by AWS services to accelerate issue resolution, determine the root cause of failures, and help improve uptime and performance.