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Where Opportunity Connects to AWS – Proximity Matters

Please read this brochure and learn how Equinix and AWS enable the journey to the cloud with unmatched global data centers, vibrant business ecosystems and a leading interconnection solution: AWS Direct Connect. Read now!

NetApp Private Storage for Cloud: Solving the Issue of Data Privacy Sovereignty in Public Cloud

Learn how the combination of NetApp and Equinix ensures your data remains safe, secure and compliant with regulations when using a public cloud. Download today.

Meeting Data Privacy and Sovereignty Challenges in the Cloud Era

The impact of new and enhanced data privacy laws, sovereignty laws and other regulations is causing concern for companies as they try to embrace the public cloud. The NPS for Cloud solution in an Equinix data center is designed to take the worry out of the equation. By keeping customers’ data next to—rather than in—the cloud, the NetApp and Equinix approach helps mitigate data privacy and sovereignty issues while also increasing cloud flexibility and choice. Learn more in this white paper.

Equinix and NetApp Case Study: Hybrid IT Infrastructure and Storage Solution

Australian-based ASE provides end-to-end cloud-based solutions and managed services on hybrid infrastructures. Powered by Equinix and NetApp, ASE increased the quality of service for its global customers and reduced the cost of its storage platform by 75%. Learn more in this case study.

NetApp and Equinix Helping Solve Data Privacy Concerns with Public Clouds

Together, Equinix and NetApp can help transform enterprise data management to maximize business intelligence, simplify compliance and ensure data privacy across today’s hybrid cloud IT environments. Learn more in this solution brief.

Five Questions You Need to Ask About End-User Monitoring

To ensure your brand meets customer expectations, it’s important to ensure your applications are performing at their optimal level. Download this eBook for 5 must-ask questions to ensuring the most effective end-user monitoring. Read on.

Ensure Visibility into Microservices and Containers

As more enterprises embrace DevOps practices and move workloads to the cloud, application architects are increasingly looking to design choices that maximize the speed of development and deployment. Read on.

Getting Started with Containers and Microservices

Download the guide to discover best practices for implementing and monitoring containers and microservices! Read on.

Banking on App Performance

In this eBook, you’ll learn how app performance can make or break customer loyalty in the financial services sector—and why application performance monitoring (APM) is the key to an optimal user experience. Read on.

Why IT Struggles with Digital Transformation

Massive backlogs, legacy debt, and scarce resources can hinder digital transformation efforts. So, how you can overcome these challenges? Download this action plan for digital transformation success. Learn more.