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Download free editorial and vendor papers related to cloud, AWS, Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3 and other related Amazon services. The information can help IT administrators, architects and developers with deployment, systems management, service, troubleshooting and development within their chosen infrastructures. Also see our Free Webcasts.

Build modern infrastructure with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AWS

Combining Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® with Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives you a powerful, adaptable platform for innovation and digital business operations. Consistency across infrastructure allows you to deploy applications, workloads, and services using the same tools, both on-site or in a cloud environment. Download the brief to learn more.

For faster, better app development: containers

IDC conducted research on organizations that build and deploy container-based business applications with Red Hat OpenShift on Amazon Web Services (AWS). IDC found that DevOps teams using this platform combination deliver 112% more applications per year and gain 24% higher productivity on Red Hat OpenShift and AWS. Download this IDC infographic to learn more.

Businesses finding value of running applications with OpenShift on AWS

IDC interviewed organizations achieving significant value with this agile, elastic, and efficient cloud solution. One customer said, "We have a multicloud environment and OpenShift® on AWS has features that make it easier to be agile in a multicloud environment such as allowing modules to be customized by department and priority." View it now.

IDC brief: Building and running apps on Red Hat OpenShift and AWS

This IDC brief shows how enterprises are increasing revenue by rapidly moving to containers to develop and run their applications on Red Hat OpenShift and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Containers may be themselves a singular and simple foundational technology, but they have brought with them a large range of i and benefits that taken together define a full container platform, including transitioning from monolithic applications, scaling and automating orchestration with Kubernetes, and shifting to agile methods. Download the brief now to learn more.

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

Red Hat® OpenShift® Dedicated is an enterprise Kubernetes platform managed by Red Hat, hosted on Amazon Web Services, and dedicated to a single customer. It includes a Linux® operating system, container runtime, networking, monitoring, container registry, authentication, and authorization solutions. It connects to your datacenter, letting you implement a more secure, flexible, hybrid cloud IT strategy with minimal infrastructure and operating expenses. Read this datasheet to learn more.

Digital Dialogue: Leveraging Amazon S3 For Serviceless Development and Search Analytics

Read this Digital Dialogue to learn more about serverless architecture, Amazon S3 machine learning APIs, Kinesis Firehose for getting log data from disparate data sources, and a database management layer for discovering data in your S3 bucket.

6 Policy Types for AWS Governance

For organizations with large cloud environments, managing asset usage and spend can be an extremely time-consuming task. This eBook outlines sample AWS policies you can automate to monitor usage in a relatively hands-off manner.

Trends in AWS Spending 2019

Based on an analysis of the habits of more than 4,000 AWS customers spending more than $1 billion over a one-year period, this report shows how cloud use is evolving year to year.

Building a Successful Cloud Financial Management Practice

This whitepaper breaks down the unique financial management challenges of a cloud environment and provides recommendations to empower your teams to take advantage of the cloud while keeping budgets and costs in control.

The Ultimate Guide to AWS Savings Plans

This guide explains what AWS Savings Plans are, how they compare to Reserved Instances, and what you need to know to incorporate them into their existing AWS environment.