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New 'AWS IoT Events' Detects Changes in Sensor Data, Automates Responses

Now generally available on the Amazon Web Services cloud is AWS IoT Events, a fully managed service that joins the portfolio of services and products based on Internet of Things implementations, simplifying the detection of sensor data changes and automatically responding to them.

AWS Beefs Up Database Services

The Amazon cloud continues to announce new data-related services, products and updates. Here's a capsule summation of recent data-themed news, all published within the last week.

Research: AWS Again Outpaces Market in Cloud Growth

Synergy Research Group's latest report tracking the cloud computing market again shows Amazon Web Services outpaced the market in terms of growth, though the "chasing pack" has gained market share.

New Generation of I/O Optimized AWS EC2 Instances Unveiled

Amazon Web Services announced a new generation of storage-optimized computing instances designed for I/O intensive workloads.

Now Ready for Production: Amazon Managed Blockchain

Amazon Managed Blockchain is a fully managed service designed to help users create and manage scalable blockchain networks using the open source framework Hyperledger Fabric. Support for another popular blockchain framework, Ethereum, is coming.

Cologix Eases Connectivity to AWS Cloud with Software-Defined Networking

Cologix announced a new platform that leverages software-defined networking to ease enterprise connectivity to cloud platforms, including AWS.

AWS Clocks 41 Percent Revenue Growth in Q1

Cloud giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) released its first-quarter earnings for fiscal 2019 on Thursday, reporting $7.7 billion in revenue for the period-ended March 31, just surpassing analysts' expectations.

AWS Offers to Help Migrate Server VMs from Azure Cloud

Amazon Web Services is offering to help organizations migrate their applications and workloads from Microsoft's Azure cloud to the Amazon cloud.

Microsoft Boosts AWS S3 Data Transfers in AzCopy

It's now easier to manage Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 data using Microsoft's AzCopy tool, which is currently in preview, the company announced this week.

Another SD-WAN Vendor Chooses AWS for Cloud Delivery

Yet another software-defined networking vendor -- ADARA Networks -- has taken its SD-WAN wares to the Amazon Web Services cloud platform, in this case with the paramount promise of reducing network latency.

Cisco's 'ACI Anywhere' Software-Defined Networking Reaches AWS Cloud

Networking kingpin Cisco Systems announced a new solution that extends its software-defined networking technology from on-premises datacenters to the Amazon Web Services cloud platform.

AWS Falls from Favor in New Stack Overflow Developer Survey

The Amazon Web Services cloud platform didn't fare as well in the new 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey as it did in last year's report, dropping down a notch in the "most loved" platform category and others.

AWS Visual Studio Toolkit Updated for VS 2019 Launch

The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio has been updated to support most of the new features coming in Visual Studio 2019, the latest edition of the popular Microsoft IDE that will be released tomorrow.

AWS Deep Learning Containers Unveiled

AWS unveiled a new service to simplify the process of deploying deep learning workloads to the cloud.

Microsoft Devs Get More Options for Using .NET Core with AWS Lambda Functions

Continuing to support Microsoft's .NET Core initiative, Amazon Web Services this week opened up more .NET Core options for working with AWS Lambda, a service that facilitates serverless, event-driven computing.

Machine Learning Bolsters AWS QuickSight BI Analytics Service

Amazon Web Services has bolstered its QuickSight business intelligence service with machine learning functionality designed to discern hard-to-find business insights undiscoverable with many BI dashboard solutions.

AWS Addresses Open Source Controversy with Launch of Open Distro for Elasticsearch

With the launch of Open Distro for Elasticsearch, Amazon Web Services addressed the controversy between cloud operators and the creators of open source projects whose code is used in cloud for-pay services.

Online Tools Provide At-a-Glance Cloud Platform Comparisons

A new cloud comparison tool joins others that provide at-a-glance tables and links to help decision-makers evaluate and compare myriad services from the major platforms offered by AWS, Google, IBM and Microsoft.

Cloudability Touts FinOps To Fix Wayward Cloud Budgets

With businesses struggling to wrangle their cloud spending, AWS partner Cloudability, along with other founding members of a newly launched industry association, is turning the spotlight on the concept of FinOps.

Cloud Report Sees Microsoft Azure 'Reduce the AWS Lead'

It's becoming more of a two-horse race in the cloud computing arena, as a new RightScale State of the Cloud report reinforces other studies that show Amazon Web Services dwarfing competitors in market share, though No. 2 Microsoft Azure is narrowing the gap.

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