Adobe Integrates Prototype/Design Tool with Amazon Alexa

Adobe announced integration with Amazon Alexa and its Adobe XD tool for prototyping and designing in a new initiative that includes the company's first-ever Alexa skill.

Alexa skills are capabilities that can be invoked for the Amazon voice-activated virtual assistant by issuing spoken commands to open apps, play music and games and so on.

Amazon has prodded skills development with tools such as the toolkit for Visual Studio Code announced last year and no-code blueprints, having previously provided $100 promotional credits to third-party developers to encourage more offerings.

Now, Adobe has announced just such an offering with an Alexa skill for its Adobe XD tool. "The Adobe XD skill allows you to access and interact with your prototypes via an Alexa-enabled device like an Amazon Echo," Adobe said in a July 22 blog post. "The Adobe XD skill for Alexa is the first ever Alexa skill built by Adobe. To get started, install the Amazon Alexa plugin via the XD Plugin Manager, then enable the Adobe XD skill through the Alexa Skills Store online, or through the Alexa app."

Adobe also announced the Amazon Alexa XD plugin, helping users export prototypes to Alexa for easy previewing of Adobe XD prototypes on Alexa devices. "Experiencing your prototypes on real devices can help your clients or stakeholders better understand and experience your vision," Adobe said. "Plus, by having voice prototypes readily available on an Alexa-enabled device, you can have more design-focused conversations about your Alexa skills and iterate without having to go through full product development cycles."

Interested designers and developers can consult guidance on How to Prototype Using Amazon Alexa and Adobe XD.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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