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JFrog Brings DevOps Tools to AWS, Azure Government Clouds

Government customers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure can now access solutions from the JFrog DevOps Platform from their respective app marketplaces.

Mini Bricks Graphic

Databricks Now on AWS

Databricks announced a new partnership with Google Cloud to enable the deployment of its namesake data engineering solution on another leading cloud platform.

AWS Amplify Now Works with Google's Flutter SDK

A new version of AWS Amplify has been released with support for the Google Flutter software development kit.


Pandemic, Partners Drove Late-2020 Cloud Boom

Spending on cloud infrastructure services accelerated dramatically in the end of 2020, driven by pandemic-related business adjustments and the growing influence of channel partners.

AWS Chief Andy Jassy To Become Amazon CEO as Bezos Steps Down

E-commerce and cloud juggernaut announced a major executive change on Tuesday, alongside its earnings for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020.

AWS Open Sources More Parts of Its .NET Porting Assistant

AWS has open sourced its Porting Assistant for .NET's graphical user interface (GUI), the latest component in the tool to become available to the open source community.

Azure, AWS Have Most To Gain in Pandemic-Driven IT Spending

Cloud computing's Top 2, AWS and Microsoft Azure, are some of the biggest beneficiaries of the coming 2021 IT spending surge, driven largely by the increase in remote workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Blue Prism Intelligent Automation Tool Lands on AWS

Now listed on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace is the flagship solution from Johannesburg, South Africa-based Blue Prism, which provides intelligent automation software.

Top 10 AWS News of 2020: JEDI Comes to a Head, COVID-19 Drives Growth

AWS saw unrivaled usage growth this year as the pandemic made remote work the norm. Meanwhile, the fight between Microsoft and Amazon over the JEDI contract got even more contentious.

AWS re:Invent 2020 Recap

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year's re:Invent was held as a three-week virtual event. Despite the adapted setting, AWS still announced a (characteristically) vast amount of product updates, milestones and launches.

AWS Unveils Next-Gen Greengrass Platform, Now Open Source

Version 2.0 of AWS Greengrass, an edge runtime service from Amazon Web Services that lets Internet of Things devices tap into the AWS cloud, was released this week.

AWS Sets Goal To Train 29 Million People on Cloud by 2025

With demand for cloud computing skills on the rise, Amazon Web Services has unveiled a plan to provide free cloud training to millions of people around the world.

AWS Adds ISV Partner Resources, Expands Marketplace

AWS recently announced enhancements to its AWS Partner Network offerings, including more resources for independent software vendors, new competencies and a broader partner marketplace.

SageMaker Improvements Aim To Make Machine Learning Even More Accessible

Amazon SageMaker, touted by AWS as a machine learning platform for "everyday developers," stands to become even more accessible via a host of new features announced this week at re:Invent.

Machine Learning-Based Amazon DevOps Guru Hits Preview

AWS has unveiled its new DevOps Guru managed operations service, which uses machine learning to detect operational issues and automatically recommends specific actions for remediation.

Container Stack

AWS Debuts Proton for Container Automation, Other Container Solutions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) unveiled four new container solutions during re:Invent this week, expanding the reach of its container and Kubernetes services to on-premises installations.

AWS Unveils New Features for Smarter Data-Crunching

A trio of new Amazon Web Services enhancements announced at re:Invent this week promises to make it easier for customers to process, organize and make sense of their data assets across the AWS cloud.

With Trainium Chip, AWS Lowers Cost Barrier to Machine Learning Training

A custom machine learning processor from Amazon Web Services called Trainium is poised for release in 2021, the company revealed at its re:Invent conference this week.

Amazon Aurora Getting Key Updates, Including Version 2 of Serverless

Amazon Aurora Serverless, a component of the Amazon Aurora relational database engine that AWS regularly bills as its fastest-growing product, is getting a major update.

AWS on Compute Power Trip, Adding 5 New EC2 Instance Types

Amazon Web Services added five new instance types to its Elastic Compute Cloud this week, along with other enhancements intended to increase the flexibility of its compute offerings.

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