AWS Extends CodeGuru Reviewer to Python, Updates Pricing Model

The Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer service, which helps developers improve the quality of their code by identifying defects, is now available for Python.

Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer for Python became generally available (GA) this month, according to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) announcement, after being in preview since December.

CodeGuru Reviewer is one part of the larger Amazon CodeGuru solution, which AWS launched last year. CodeGuru helps developers refine their application code using machine learning models built on the millions of code reviews that AWS has done in-house over the past 20 years. The Reviewer component analyzes code-pull requests and checks them for defects. The other part of CodeGuru, Profiler, analyzes the performance of applications as they run.

The GA announcement of Python support applies only to the Reviewer tool. CodeGuru Profiler for Python is currently in preview. Reviewer already supports Java.

In developing Reviewer for Python, AWS said it "analyzed large code corpuses and Python documentation to source hard-to-find coding issues and trained our detectors to provide best practice recommendations." The GA product "extends the coverage of CodeGuru Reviewer to increase the number of recommendations for the existing detectors and include the new detectors that have been validated internally."

Improvements have also been made to the resource leak detector. Besides identifying problems in open file descriptors, the resource leak detector can now alert developers to leaks in "connections, sessions, sockets, [and] multiprocessing thread pools," AWS said.

The GA release also includes two new detectors. The code maintainability detector identifies bad coding practices that could make code less readable, hard to interpret and difficult to maintain. The input validation detector, meanwhile, identifies areas of insufficient input validation.

More Affordable Pricing Model
In other CodeGuru Reviewer news, AWS announced it has implemented a new pricing structure that will make the costs of using the service more affordable and better to forecast.

Previously, CodeGuru Reviewer cost $0.75 per 100 lines of code per month. Starting April, pricing will be on a more predictable monthly rate: $10 for the first 100,000 lines of code per month, with each additional 100,000 lines of code costing $30. This monthly rate includes two full scans per repository, with additional full scans costing $10 for every 100,000 lines of code.

"This price structure not only makes the cost more predictable and transparent, but it will also help simplify the way you scale CodeGuru Reviewer across different teams in the organization," AWS said in its announcement. "You still have the possibility to perform full repository scans on demand and incremental reviews on each pull request."

The new pricing structure can reduce costs by as much as 90 percent, according to AWS. "We expect the largest majority of use cases to see a considerable cost reduction."

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