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AWS Unveils Data Analytics Service QuickSight, Other New Products

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Inc. on Wednesday announced a slew of new products and services, including QuickSight, its first foray into the cloud-based business intelligence (BI) arena.

Rackspace Extends 'Fanatical Support' to AWS

Confirming earlier rumors, Rackspace on Tuesday announced it is extending its cloud support offerings to onetime rival Amazon Web Services (AWS) Inc.

AWS Adds DevOps, IoT and Migration Partner Competencies

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Inc. on Tuesday detailed a number of new ways it plans to invest in its partner community over the coming months.

Survey Highlights AWS Cloud Consumption Concerns

Tracking cloud computing usage and spending and allocating the proper costs to the proper business users is a prominent issue reported in a survey of 279 IT pros who attended recent Amazon Web Services (AWS) Global Summits.

AWS Leads Cloud Vendors in Analyst Security Report

Amazon Web Services was the only vendor to be placed in the "leader" category in a recent report by research firm Forrester Research Inc. that measured Public Cloud Service Providers' Security.

AWS Offers Updated Linux Machine Image

Amazon Web Services announced a new Linux machine image on its Elastic Compute Cloud service.

AWS Details DynamoDB Outage, Preventive Measures

Amazon Web Services provided a detailed account of the recent service outage that reportedly brought down major Web sites and inconvenienced many customers in the US-East Region.

AWS Outage Hits Major Web Sites

Twitter and other social media sites were abuzz yesterday about an Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) outage in the eastern U.S. region that reportedly caused problems with several major Web sites.

Microsoft Says Its Cloud Is Bigger than AWS, Claims Edge in Hybrid

Microsoft doesn't provide revenue numbers for its Azure cloud service, but in other metrics an exec claimed it has an edge over Amazon Web Services -- specifically in size measured by the number of regions in which the services operate and in hybrid offerings.

AWS Reduces Cost of Storing Infrequently Accessed Data

Amazon Web Services announced it was adding a new option to store infrequently accessed data at a lower cost on Amazon Simple Storage (S3) instances.

Alteryx Taps AWS Redshift for Data Blending

Alteryx Inc. announced in-database data blending with the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) Redshift data warehousing service as part of its updated flagship data blending and analytics product.

AWS Beats Apple to New-Age TV

Apple's new-age TV moves garnered all the headlines yesterday, but slipping in under the radar last week was a pre-emptive strike by Amazon Web Services, which acquired a pioneer in "software-defined video solutions for multiscreen content delivery."

Developer Hit with $6,500 AWS Bill from Visual Studio Bug

It's all cleared up now, but a developer last week was surprised to be hit with a $6,500 bill from Amazon Web Services after being victimized by bitcoin miners who used an Amazon access key they found in code mistakenly hosted in a public GitHub repository.

Tool Tracks Usage, Costs for AWS and Other Hybrid Clouds

Hybrid cloud analytics company Cloud Cruiser today announced a new tool that gathers usage and cost metrics, serving up analytics from Amazon Web Services and other clouds.

Disaster Recovery Service for VMware Datacenters Uses AWS Cloud

Announced today, a new service from OneCloud Software for VMware-based environments uses the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud as a virtual disaster recovery datacenter.

AWS Rolls Out Mobile Partner Competency Certification

Addressing the burgeoning enterprise "mobile-first" focus, Amazon Web Services has added a mobile certification that recognizes competency in that field for members of its AWS Partner Network.

AWS Gets VMware Offerings via Ravello

Ravello Systems today announced two offerings that provide VMware-based services on public clouds, including Amazon Web Services.

MapR Puts Hadoop Distro on AWS

MapR Technologies Inc. today announced its Apache Hadoop distribution is available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, adding another Big Data option for Amazon cloud customers.

AWS Rival Rackspace Plans Managed AWS Service

Managed cloud company Rackspace for the first time officially revealed it's planning a managed service for Amazon Web Services, its market-dominating rival in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) space.

'Configuration Error' Blamed for AWS Outage

A "configuration error" caused this week's Amazon Web Services outage, according to the company's Service Health Dashboard.

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