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AWS Is Top Choice for IoT Development, Survey Says

The AWS cloud is the top choice for Internet of Things development, according to a new survey that shows growth for No. 2 Microsoft Azure but notes Google Cloud Platform is faltering.

With Q1 Earnings, AWS Shows It's Back on Track

Amazon Web Services surpassed Wall Street expectations for the quarter ended March 31, according to parent company's most recent earnings report released Thursday.

New AWS Blockchain Templates Provide Cloud Onramps to the Technology

Blockchain technology is an emerging distributed computing system used for many things, ranging from managing Bitcoin cryptocurrency to securely recording events, medical records, identity management and more.

Alexa Development Skills Go the No-Code Route

While Amazon previously published documentation for developers interested in coding up Alexa skills for the company's cloud-based voice service that lets users create natural voice experiences to interact with Amazon technology, it has unveiled a 1-2-3 step no-code experience for the same thing.

Hyperscale and IaaS Ascendant in Public Cloud: Study

The writing is on the wall for the johnny-come-latelies of the public cloud.

AWS Edges Azure for Analyst's Top Cloud Dev Platform

Research firm gives the slightest of edges to AWS over Microsoft's Azure among full-stack public cloud development platforms, with Google rounding out the "Leaders" category.

AWS AppSync for Data-Driven Apps Now Available

AppSync, an Amazon Web Services tool for data-driven native mobile apps (and Web), is now out of preview and production ready, replete with new functionality, the company.

Software-Defined Storage Service Launches on AWS Cloud

Nexenta has chosen the Amazon Web Services cloud to extend its software-defined storage offering to a hybrid model.

New AWS Offerings Focus on Security

Security was the focus of several new Amazon Web Services offerings announced during last week's AWS Summit in San Francisco.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Firm Announces AWS Version

HCI specialist Pivot3 announced a cloud edition of its software for the AWS platform, aiming to simplify the use of public clouds for tasks such as data replication.

GoDaddy Web Hoster Moving to AWS Cloud

The latest big win for Amazon Web Services is the announcement that GoDaddy Inc., an Internet domain registrar and Web hosting company, is going "all in" on AWS, planning to move most of its infrastructure to the cloud platform.

Oracle Gunning for AWS with 'Faster' Autonomous Database at '1/10th the Cost'

In an ongoing war of words between the two cloud providers, Oracle CEO says its Exadyte autonomous database is the future, providing a faster and cheaper alternative to AWS offerings.

Cloud Report: AI/ML, Serverless, Flash Storage on Rise

A report from Cloudability shows today's cloud services have come a long way since Amazon Web Services debuted in 2006, demonstrating the growth of new-age offerings like artificial intelligence/machine learning, serverless computing, flash storage and more.

AWS Is a 'Most-Loved' Development Platform, Survey Says

In the Stack Overflow survey, which polled more than 100,000 developer-types, AWS came in at No. 3 among most-loved platforms (68.6 percent of respondents), trailing Linux (76.5 percent) and serverless (75.2 percent).

AWS Open Sources Documentation, Invites Community Edits

Amazon Web Services has open sourced a huge amount of documentation, placing it on the GitHub platform and inviting developers to contribute with bug fixes, edits and so on via pull requests.

VMware Expands AWS Cloud Services

Enterprise software vendor and virtualization specialist VMware boosted various offerings on the Amazon Web Services cloud as part of a wide-ranging push to simplify multi-cloud adoption and expand its Cloud Services portfolio.

AWS Scores High Marks for Data Management Analytics

Amazon Web Services dominates a "Magic Quadrant" study from research firm Gartner examining the Data Management Solutions for Analytics market, which involves Big Data, data warehouses and more.

AWS Outage Affects Hundreds of Enterprise Services

Amazon Web Services on Friday experienced at outage in its AWS-East Region (Ashburn) that reportedly affected hundreds of enterprise services.

AWS Publishes New Guidance on Big Data Using Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra

With the dizzying array of Big Data services available on the AWS cloud, all of the options can sometimes be hard to understand, a problem the company is addressing with continuing guidance that outlines best practices and other tips for using the various offerings.

BBC Finds Security Researchers Are Warning Users of Exposed AWS Data

The BBC has reported that security researchers are leaving "friendly warnings" about exposed data stores on the Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform, following a series of reports about wide-open and stolen data.