Canadian Hoster FullHost Expands into AWS Managed Services

Cloud hoster FullHost is now letting its customers run Web applications out of an Amazon Web Services (AWS) region in Canada, in addition to FullHost's proprietary datacenters.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, 17-year-old FullHost provides both hosting solutions and server management services. Previously, the company only offered services out of its two self-operated and self-owned datacenters, one in Toronto and one in Vancouver. "Everything we offer is run and operated by our team, directly on Canadian soil," according to the "About Us" section of FullHost's site.

This week, however, FullHost announced a change in response to customer feedback.

"FullHost clients can now select AWS in Montreal, Canada in addition to their Vancouver and Toronto data center locations," the company said in an announcement Wednesday. "The choice will remain entirely up to the client, who can select their preferred data center location before committing to a solution. By 2022, the provider will be offering other AWS locations across the globe."

According to FullHost, the move addresses some customers' requests to be able to host certain applications, like e-commerce and WordPress sites, directly on AWS -- perhaps to take advantage of AWS' global footprint in order to serve a more international audience. However, that typically requires more expertise, time and money than customers are able to sustain for the long term.

With FullHost's announcement on Wednesday, the company plans to absorb that management cost for its customers. It's offering three new AWS solutions:

  • Elastic Hosting starts at $7/month and provides a flexible managed hosting solution that grows with the client in Canada. The client pays only for what they need and can use any web platform.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting starts at $30/month -- bringing the client peace of mind with continual support of their WordPress applications.
  • Managed Virtual Server Hosting starts at $85/month and gives the client their own virtual server (VPS), with greater flexibility to customize for their own requirements and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

"Managed cloud services offer a high-quality hosting experience, even to those who lack the internal resources to manage their own servers," FullHost said. "And while FullHost has been offering AWS hosting solutions to select clients for nearly a decade, the provider is now making these services available to everyone."

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Gladys Rama (@GladysRama3) is the editorial director of Converge360.


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