S3 Dashboard Tool Gives AWS Users In-Depth Storage Analytics

A new Simple Storage Service (S3) dashboard feature promises to give its users greater insights into their object storage usage, helping them cut costs and tighten security.

Amazon S3 Storage Lens, launched by Amazon Web Services (AWS) this week, is "the first cloud storage analytics solution to give you organization-wide visibility into object storage, with point-in-time metrics and trend lines as well as actionable recommendations," AWS claimed in its announcement.

It's designed to give users a better handle on their AWS cloud storage environments -- which can span multiple accounts, regions and S3 buckets -- with the goal of helping them "discover anomalies, identify cost efficiencies and apply data protection best practices."

Users can activate Amazon S3 Storage Lens via the S3 console. The default dashboard view lets users examine their storage activity and usage based on 15 metrics. It provides a "summary view, cost efficiency view, or the data protection view."

For an additional charge, users can opt into the "Advanced" version, which lets users take advantage of 29 metrics, 15 months of data retention and a Recommendations feature that suggests actions that users can take to lower their storage costs or better protect their data based on their particular storage behaviors.

There is also an option to export data from Amazon S3 Storage Lens to an S3 bucket, where users can apply more analysis tools from other AWS services like Athena, QuickSight and Redshift.

More information is available here.

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Gladys Rama (@GladysRama3) is the editorial director of Converge360.


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