AWS and Red Hat Extend Partnership on OpenShift

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Red Hat have announced an extension of their existing partnership to deliver OpenShift on AWS.

Creating a jointly managed and supported version of Red Hat's open source container application platform will make it possible for IT organizations to build and deploy apps in AWS on OpenShift using the same tools and APIs, the companies said.

Red Hat, which is an IBM subsidiary, began partnering with AWS to integrate OpenShift with the cloud computing platform in 2017. The new Amazon Red Hat OpenShift gives developers the ability to build containerized applications that integrate natively with the more than 170 AWS cloud-native services, explained Sathish Balakrishnan, vice president of Red Hat's Hosted Platforms group, in a blog post.

"By blending Red Hat's and AWS' decades of enterprise IT knowledge and experience into Amazon Red Hat OpenShift, IT organizations will be able to launch cloud-native systems that can retain enterprise-grade security, be more agile and see improved performance while driving cost efficiencies," he wrote.

OpenShift is now packaged as another service listed in the AWS Console. Users will be able to launch OpenShift clusters and provide "an AWS integrated experience" for cluster creation and management. They also get access to an on-demand (hourly) billing model, a single invoice for AWS deployments and the ability to contact AWS for support.

"Contrary to some industry vendors, we do not see enterprise Kubernetes as being truly successful if it's based on legacy virtualization infrastructure or layered across proprietary technologies," Balakrishnan wrote. "Red Hat views the cloud-native platform for the enterprise as fully open and highly-scalable in a model that embraces upstream innovation safely for use in production. Bringing Amazon Red Hat OpenShift to the market alongside our long-time partner AWS pairs the enterprise leader in open source technologies, including Kubernetes, with the leader in public cloud infrastructure and services."

Last month, Red Hat announced a similar partnership expansion with Microsoft, further integrating OpenShift with Redmond's Azure cloud computing platform to include support for Azure Arc for OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

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