AWS Partner's Data Reveals Most Popular Amazon Cloud Products of 2018

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) partner 2nd Watch has mined its internal data to determine the most popular products in the Amazon cloud used by its customers. It found Big Data and machine learning services at the top.

The company is in a unique position to shed light on those products, as it's described as "an enterprise workload management provider that helps companies accelerate datacenter capacity growth through adoption of the Amazon Web Services cloud."

"At 2nd Watch, we are fortunate to have a front-row seat to the show, with more than 400 enterprise workloads under management and over 200,000 instances in our managed public cloud," the company said in a blog post yesterday (Jan. 22). "With 2018 now in our rearview mirror, we thought this a good time for a quick peek back at the most popular Amazon Web Services (AWS) products of the past year."

The company compiled lists of the top five AWS products of 2018 and the fastest-growing AWS products of 2018. Without further ado, here they are:

Top five AWS products of 2018:

  1. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (used by 100 percent of 2nd Watch customers)
  2. AWS Data Transfer (100 percent)
  3. Amazon Simple Storage Service (100 percent)
  4. Amazon DynamoDB (100 percent)
  5. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (100 percent)

Fastest-growing AWS products in 2018:

  1. Amazon Athena (68 percent CAGR, as measured by dollars spent on this service with 2nd Watch in 2018 v. 2017)
  2. Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (53 percent)
  3. Amazon MQ (37 percent)
  4. AWS OpsWorks (23 percent)
  5. Amazon EC2 Container Service (21 percent)
  6. Amazon SageMaker (21 percent)
  7. AWS Certificate Manager (20 percent)
  8. AWS Glue (16 percent)

And here's all that data in a handy infographic:

Top AWS Products 2018
[Click on image for larger view.] Top AWS Products 2018 (source: 2nd Watch).

Speaking of the first, most-popular list, the company's Chris Garvey, EVP product, said: "Frankly, the top five list isn't surprising. It is, however, indicative of legacy workloads and architectures being run by the enterprise."

Speaking of the second, fastest-growing list, Garvey said: "The growth in data services like Athena and Glue, correlated with Sagemaker, is interesting. Typically, the hype isn't supported by the data, but clearly, customers are moving forward with big data and machine learning strategies. These three services were also the fastest growing services in Q4 2018."

Speaking of the future, Garvey said: "Looking ahead, I expect EKS to be huge this year, along with Sagemaker and serverless. Based on job postings and demand in the market, Kubernetes is the most requested skill set in the enterprise."

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