New AWS Quick Starts: TIBCO Data Science, Cloud Analytics, Cisco/IBM Blockchains, More

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) recently launched a bevy of new Quick Starts, which provide easy onramps to learn about the cloud platform's wide selection of services.

"Quick Starts are built by AWS solutions architects and partners to help you deploy popular solutions on AWS, based on AWS best practices for security and high availability," says the AWS Quick Starts site. "These reference deployments implement key technologies automatically on the AWS Cloud, often with a single click and in less than an hour. You can build your test or production environment in a few steps, and start using it immediately."

Here's a recap of some Quick Starts published within the last month.

Deploy TIBCO Data Science
AWS says it takes about 80 minutes for infrastructure architects and TIBCO administrators to deploy a TIBCO Data Science project with this new offering, which provides a fault-tolerant configuration across AWS Availability Zones.

"TIBCO Data Science is a Big Data analytics platform for enterprises that provides an array of tools (from visual workflows to Jupyter Python Notebooks) and connects natively to most data sources, including Apache Hadoop, Spark, Hive, and relational databases," AWS said.

Using a collaborative UI, data scientists, data engineers and business users can work together and build machine learning workflows in a Web-based interface with a minimum of code. Functionality includes security and governance. "It also enables the analytics team to share and deploy predictive analytics and machine learning insights with the rest of the organization."

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Deploy Blockchain Platforms from Cisco or IBM
AWS solutions architects worked with partner Cisco Systems for the Cisco offering, which helps developers deploy the Cisco Blockchain platform in about one hour.

Cisco says its blockchain (a growing list of records, or blocks, that are linked and secured by using cryptography) platform helps developers build trust-based business networks for digital transformation, simplifying the process of building, deploying and integrating blockchain applications with security and scalability.

The Quick Start, with automated functionality provided by AWS CloudFormation templates, was developed to streamline an approach for developers to spin up their AWS environment for testing, evaluation and further development.

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A similar Quick Start, but for the IBM BlockChain Platform, was also recently published.

"By using IBM Blockchain Platform for AWS, you can deploy peers on AWS and can store ledger data in your AWS environment," it says. "The distributed peers in AWS leverage the connection profile, Hyperledger Fabric certificate authorities (CAs), and the ordering service of an existing Enterprise Plan or Starter Plan network on IBM Blockchain Platform to process transactions."

This Quick Start -- reportedly takingonly 10 to 15 minutes, is aimed at IT infrastructure decision-makers and system administrators who want to quickly configure, deploy and run AWS-hosted distributed peers that are connected to an IBM Blockchain Platform network.

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Deploy a Self-Service Cloud Analytics Solution with Informatica, Tableau and AWS Services
The goal of this Quick Start is an end-to-end solution for self-service cloud analytics on the AWS Cloud, attained by integrating Informatica and Tableau Software offerings with AWS services and deploying the software to the cloud platform.

"This solution enables you to connect to cloud and on-premises data sources, and to catalog and profile your data assets for self-service analysis and visualization," AWS said. It does that with these services:

  • Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, for secure data pipelines to cloud and on-premises data.
  • Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC), for data source cataloging that provides provenance, lineage, and relationships for data assets. A plug-in enables users to access business and technical context from within Tableau.
  • Tableau Server, for secure, governed visual analytics.
  • Amazon Redshift, for fast, cost-effective data warehousing.
  • Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) with Oracle Database, for storing aggregate data for the Tableau dashboards.

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This project also uses AWS CloudFormation templates, to deploy a solution into a new or existing AWS environment. Those templates can also be downloaded from GitHub and used to automate the analytics deployments.

But Wait, There's More
Yet more recent Quick Starts include:

Stay tuned for further coverage as AWS adds new Quick Starts to its repertoire. The full catalog can be viewed here.

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