Cockroach Labs to Customers: Go with AWS over Google Cloud

After conducting extensive testing, Cockroach Labs recommends that its customers go with Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) over the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The company is known for its open source CockroachDB, described as a "SQL database for global cloud services." While the firm says it's committed to offer a "cloud-agnostic" database, it conducted the AWS-vs.-GCP comparison after testing out a new release and noticing 40 percent more throughput on the Amazon cloud.

CockroachDB 2.1 achieves 40 Percent More Throughput on AWS
[Click on image for larger view.] CockroachDB 2.1 achieves 40 Percent More Throughput on AWS (source: Cockroach Labs).

"We were curious as to why AWS offered such a stark difference in throughput, and set out to test the performance of GCP and AWS in more detail," the company said in a blog post yesterday (Dec. 13). "Ultimately, we compared the two platforms on TPC-C performance (e.g., throughput and latency), CPU, Network, I/O, and cost."

That resulted in the 2018 Cloud Report, where the company tried to match up AWS and GCP cloud services for comparison testing on all of the above criteria.

"Not only is GCP more expensive than AWS, but it also achieves worse performance," the company concluded. "We recommend using AWS for your most important workloads."

Cockroach Labs said it will continue its testing, having started with AWS/GCP because they were the most popular platforms among its customers. Going forward, the company said, it will compare more cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean and others.

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