New AWS Migration Tool Announced

Plenty of options are available to help with the migration of systems and data to the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud, with a new tool entering the space for any kind of workload.

Hystax Acura Live Migration to AWS was recently announced by Hystax, a Netherlands-based specialist in cloud migration and disaster recovery.

The tool provides for automated migrations of any type of workload to the AWS cloud, adding to the company's Acura line that also targets Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and many other platforms.

The workloads include business application and machine data, along with machine metadata for automated migration processes and the preservation of network and other settings.

Hystax detailed four steps for a complete cloud migration:

  • Subscribe to Hystax Acura Live Migration to AWS on the AWS Marketplace or via an AMI request and deploy it.
  • Start replication by downloading and installing replication agents for selected machines.
  • Create an auto-generated migration plan and set orchestration rules.
  • Conduct an unlimited number of test migrations before running a final migration and switching production to AWS workloads.

The tool joins a plethora of other AWS migration options, headed naturally by Amazon's own services. Many other third-party alternatives are also available, with several targeting specific functionality. For example, JetStream Software earlier this year announced a new offering to help enterprises running VMware on the AWS platform migrate their virtualized workloads from on-premises datacenters to the cloud.

The tools help with what can be a complicated and troublesome process, as we earlier reported on a study that concluded "over half of cloud migration projects finish behind schedule and over budget."

Pricing for the new tool wasn't provided by Hystax, which said it can be contacted for a quote.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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