Amazon SES Gets Dedicated IP Pools for Mass E-Mails

Business users of the Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) now have a new option for sending mass volumes of e-mails.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently updated the bulk messaging solution to let users set up "dedicated IP pools," giving them more control over which types of e-mails get sent via which IP addresses.

The feature is especially useful for organizations that send large amounts of different types of e-mails -- for instance, marketing e-mails and transactional e-mails. Previously, Amazon SES users were not able to dictate what IP addresses could be used for specific e-mail categories.

"By using dedicated IP pools, you can isolate the sender reputations for each of these types of communications," according to an AWS blog post announcing the new feature. "Using dedicated IP pools gives you complete control over the sender reputations of the dedicated IP addresses you lease from Amazon SES."

[Click on image for larger view.] Amazon SES users can now group individual dedicated IP addresses into groups, called "pools." (Source: AWS blog post)

Many Amazon SES users send their bulk e-mails using an IP address that's shared with other AWS users. However, those who send very large volumes of e-mails -- hundreds of thousands each day or more -- have the option to purchase a dedicated IP address, which has the benefit of granting them exclusive control over their sender reputation. Each dedicated IP address costs $24.95 per month.

With the addition of dedicated IP pools, users with multiple dedicated IP addresses can now group them together to fit their specific e-mail needs and to make management easier.

"If you lease several dedicated IP addresses for use with Amazon SES, you can organize these addresses into groups, called pools. You can then associate each pool with a configuration set. When you send an email that specifies a configuration set, that email will be sent from the IP addresses in the associated pool," AWS said.

The new dedicated IP pools capability is currently available out of AWS' Virginia, Oregon and Ireland regions.


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