Verizon's Virtual Network Solution Adds AWS Support

Enterprise customers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) can now take advantage of Verizon's software-defined networking (SDN) technologies to bring the scalability they need for their operations.

Verizon last week announced the general availability of its Virtual Network Services (VNS) offering for the AWS cloud, a development that Shawn Hakl, Verizon's vice president of networking and innovation, said in a prepared statement "will help our enterprise customers be able to balance agility, performance, cost and security necessitated by the growth of mobile-to-cloud applications and the Internet of Things."

First launched just a little over a year ago and built on Verizon's SDN platform, VNS is designed to virtualize and streamline an organization's IT operations that are traditionally hardware-dependent, including security, WAN optimization and network routing.

Organizations using VNS also have the ability to scale their networks larger or smaller as their needs change -- for instance, to accommodate the opening or closing of satellite offices, increases or reductions in user headcounts, fluctuations in their backup and storage capacity needs, and changes in application bandwidth requirements.

This new release of VNS brings those same capabilities to organizations running workloads in AWS, or those in hybrid environments.

"Verizon's deep networking and services experience, as well as the scale and flexibility of AWS, provide an invaluable combination for enterprises looking to become more agile, create new efficiencies and grow their business into the future," said Joshua Hofmann, global lead of partner ecosystems at AWS.

More information on Verizon VNS is available here.

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Gladys Rama (@GladysRama3) is the editorial director of Converge360.


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