Amazon S3 Console Now Generally Available

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) announced its new console for managing Amazon S3 object storage resources is now generally available, following an opt-in trial of the tool.

First announced at last year's re:invent 2016 conference, the new Amazon S3 console --available here to registered AWS users -- sports a new UI and new functionality for managing S3 storage by performing tasks ranging from creating and configuring S3 buckets, uploading, downloading and managing storage objects, setting permissions and more.

According to an introductory video, "The Amazon S3 console is one of the interfaces that you can use to work with Amazon S3. The console enables you to perform Amazon S3 tasks without writing any code."

The new UI now has an overview panel displaying a summary of S3 bucket metrics and object properties, along with a new property page that lists those properties in a smaller card format. New search capability lets users search for buckets via keywords.

"The Amazon S3 console enhances safety for operations on objects such as delete, cut/copy and paste, change storage class, change encryption, or make public, by showing the number of objects that would be affected before you initiate that operation," AWS said in a blog post yesterday. "The object operation status is now reported in a progress bar, visible at the bottom of the console, so that you can keep track of changes to objects that might take time to execute. You can click on any operation in the progress bar to show more details about the ongoing operation, allowing deep dive into the status or diagnostics on progress."

More information can be found in documentation and the aforementioned introductory video, which explains key features of the new console including the overview panel, bucket properties, the object version view and the object details page.

Also, for more detailed step-by-step information on managing S3 resources, see yesterday's how-to article on AWS Insider: "Creating Policies for Amazon S3 Storage Buckets."

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