Data Delivery Column

Cloud Buzz vs. Cloud Reality

Nowadays, cloud computing is as mainstream as a technology can get, but Aaron wonders how much of that is due to marketers dumbing down the concept of "the cloud."

The 4 Challenges of Working with Data and How Cloud Can Solve Them

Providers like AWS are working with industries that juggle large amounts of sensitive and complex data to make administrators' lives a little easier.

Taking Stock of AWS and Its Cloud Competitors

AWS may be the leader in the cloud market, but organizations should understand the overall competitive landscape and how it affects their cloud use.

The Power of AWS Object Store

On using Amazon S3 to wrangle complex and constantly changing datasets.

Do You Have a Handle on Your AWS Costs?

Just like with your credit card issuer, there can be "hidden" fees with AWS that you don't know about until you get the bill.

The Business of Doing Business with AWS

Establishing a Business Associate Agreement with AWS can be a months-long ordeal that requires organizations to take every aspect of their IT environments into consideration. Here are some suggestions to streamline the process.

The UPS of Data

How to choose the right data-delivery method for the right kind of data, and designing the cloud infrastructure to make that happen.

Using Cloud (and AWS) in a Reluctant Industry

Cloud isn't a cure-all for IT departments in the health care industry, but it definitely needs to be in the conversation.

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