AWS Launches S3 Express One Zone To Meet Super-Low Latency Needs

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has added a new data storage option for customers running "latency-sensitive" applications like analytics, financial forecasting and machine learning training.

Announced this week during the 2023 AWS re:Invent conference, the new Amazon S3 Express One Zone promises data access speeds that are roughly 10 times faster than Amazon S3 Standard, while still costing half as much in data requests and compute.

"Millions of customers rely on Amazon S3 for everything from low-cost archival storage to petabyte-scale data lakes, and they want to expand their use to support their most performance-intensive applications where every millisecond counts," said Amazon S3 general manager James Kirschner in a prepared statement. "Amazon S3 Express One Zone delivers the fastest data access speed for the most latency-sensitive applications and enables customers to make millions of requests per minute for their highly accessed datasets, while also reducing request and compute costs."  

The new Express One Zone was designed to meet the extremely fast response times that are needed by new and emerging workloads, including training machine learning models. Such workloads, says AWS, require "single-digit millisecond response times" to work as needed. Ordinarily, customers would have to resort to "custom caching solutions" to meet those needs, which can be inefficient, costly and complex.

Amazon S3 Express One Zone aims to remove those hurdles. It does this by storing customers' latency-sensitive data in a new S3 directory bucket. As AWS explains:

Customers have always been able to choose a specific AWS Region to store their Amazon S3 data. Now, within an AWS Region, customers can choose to collocate their Amazon S3 Express One Zone data in the same AWS Availability Zone as their compute resources for their most demanding workloads, which helps them lower compute costs and run workloads faster. 

More information on the Amazon S3 Express One Zone Storage Class is available here.

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