Top 10 AWS News of 2020: JEDI Comes to a Head, COVID-19 Drives Growth

AWS saw unrivaled usage growth this year as the pandemic made remote work the norm. Meanwhile, the fight between Microsoft and Amazon over the JEDI contract got even more contentious.

10. AWS Eases On-Premises Server Migration to the Cloud (June 4)
AWS has made it easier for organizations to migrate on-premises servers to the cloud, automating and simplifying numerous tasks and processes. [Read here]

9. AWS Launches Public Data Lake of COVID-19 Statistics (April 13)
The purpose of the data lake is to give data scientists, researchers, public health officials and other organizations a centralized trove of vetted information about COVID-19, with the aim of helping them develop policies that curb the spread of the disease. [Read here]

8. Microsoft, Amazon Trade Angry Blog Posts over Latest JEDI Challenge (May 8)
Microsoft and Amazon have come to verbal blows over Amazon's ongoing protest of the Pentagon's $10 billion JEDI contract, awarded to Microsoft last fall. [Read here]

7. Microsoft Retains JEDI Contract After DoD Investigation (Sept. 8)
After a months-long internal investigation, the Department of Defense (DoD) has "reaffirmed" Microsoft to be the winner of the $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract. [Read here]

6. AWS Slashes Price of CloudEndure Disaster Recovery (Jan. 21)
AWS this week announced a significant price reduction -- about 80 percent -- in its CloudEndure disaster recovery service, which it acquired a year ago. [Read here]

5. Report: AWS Lambda Popular Among Enterprises, Container Users (Feb. 4)
Datadog assessed the AWS usage data of its "thousands" of customers to determine when, how and why they use Lambda, AWS' serverless computing platform that first debuted in late 2014. [Read here]

4. AWS Backup Gets More Functionality, Including 'Cross-Region' Support (Jan. 14)
AWS has added a trio of new features to its managed backup service, which turns 1 year old this week. [Read here]

3. COVID-19 No Match for Cloud Growth (May 6)
Cloud giants AWS and Microsoft are thriving even as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused other industries around the world to grind to a halt. [Read here]

2. As Remote Work Booms, So Does Amazon WorkSpaces (April 8)
With the population of work-from-home employees surging amid the coronavirus pandemic, spending on Amazon WorkSpaces -- the desktop-as-a-service solution hosted on the AWS platform -- is hitting record highs. [Read here]

1. AWS Acquires Redshift-Focused Startup DataRow (Feb. 21)
Aimed at data scientists, the DataRow client is meant to streamline the process of creating charts and other visualizations from Redshift query data. [Read here]


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