AWS Adds Hard Drive Disk Option to Amazon FSx for Windows

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced some improvements to its managed file storage service, Amazon FSx, particularly around Windows Server.

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server now supports hard disk drive (HDD) storage, the company announced last week, touting it as the "lowest cost file storage for Windows applications and workloads in the cloud."

Pricing for the HDD option is $0.013 per GB-month for a single availability zone, and $0.025 per GB-month for multiple availability zones. Organizations can take advantage of even more cost savings if they turn on data deduplication, according to AWS evangelist Jeff Barr.

"If you use this option in conjunction with Data Deduplication and use 50% space savings as a reasonable reference point, you can achieve an effective cost of $0.0065 per GB-month for a single-AZ file system and $0.0125 per GB-month for a multi-AZ file system," Barr wrote in a blog post.

Previously, Amazon FSx for Windows File Server supported just solid state drive (SSD) storage, which enabled highly business-critical workloads including anlaytics and databases. The HDD option opens the service to less latency-sensitive workloads like content management systems and home directories.

In other Amazon FSx news, AWS last week announced that both Amazon FSx for Windows File Server and its counterpart, Amazon FSx for Lustre, are newly available out of its Hong Kong cloud region. Amazon FSx for Lustre is designed for the open source Lustre file system.

More information on both flavors of Amazon FSx is available here.

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