AWS Now Lets Snowball Migrate Databases En Masse

Amazon Web Services (AWS) just made it easier for organizations to move large volumes of database workloads to the cloud.

The company this week announced new integration between its Database Migration Service (DMS) and its Snowball Edge data transfer appliance.

First unveiled a year ago at re:Invent 2016, Snowball Edge is a ruggedized container that lets organizations physically transfer up to 100TB of data into and out of their on-premises environments to the AWS cloud. Transferring data at that scale can take weeks or months when done over a network, but Snowball Edge potentially cuts that process down to just days.

By integrating the service with DMS, AWS customers can now begin to use Snowball Edge to transfer terabytes or petabytes worth of on-premises database workloads to the AWS cloud. The integration also enables ongoing data replications.

The integration can help expedite the database migration process for organizations that have slow network speeds due to their location, or that have multiple databases to migrate, noted AWS architect Ejaz Sayyed in a blog post detailing the new capability. It also adds a level of security to the process because organizations set up Snowball Edge connections from within their own networks.

"During a migration, if you need compression or must deal with corporate network access policies, this integrated solution might be the tool for you," Sayyed wrote. "If you have limited, remote, or geographically challenged bandwidth issues, this solution might be the tool for you. Or maybe you have many databases to migrate all at once, then this solution might be the best way to accomplish your goal."

In other DMS news, AWS also introduced new ways for organizations to troubleshoot their database migrations. The DMS console now lets organizations perform pre-migration checks (as detailed here) and post-migration validations (described here).

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