Pivotal Cloud Foundry Comes to AWS Quick Start

Amazon Web Services (AWS) this month added the Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) platform to its library of Quick Start deployment solutions.

Each Quick Start package uses AWS CloudFormation templates to automate and streamline the process of setting up, configuring and launching new services on AWS.

The newest Quick Start solution, announced last Friday, now lets AWS users deploy a PCF environment in their AWS account in about three hours or less.

Deploying PCF on AWS would enable developers to run their .NET and Spring applications on the cloud with minimal reconfiguration, according to AWS' announcement. In addition, AWS users can tap the PCF Service Broker to run alongside services like Amazon S3, DynamoDB and the Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS).

"The PCF environment on AWS provides built-in monitoring, logging, rapid scaling, and four levels of high availability," AWS said. According to the deployment guide, those four levels include automatic remediation for failed app instances and virtual machines, automatic restarts for failed platform processes, and multiple availability zone (AZ) options.

The PCF Quick Start offers two deployment sizes. The smaller "Starter" option is designed for evaluation purposes. It deploys about 22 EC2 instances in a single AZ, though users can increase their capacity later on. Meanwhile, the "Multi-AZ" option is designed to be "near production-grade," deploying about 40 EC2 instances across two AZs.

More information on the PCF Quick Start is available here.

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