Moxa Builds AWS Integration into Industrial IoT 'Starter Kit'

Moxa, a provider of industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions, recently launched a hardware/software bundle aimed at helping systems integrators funnel data from edge devices to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

The company unveiled its IIoT Gateway Starter Kit earlier this month, touting it as a "ready-to-use platform that simplifies development of IIoT solutions." The kit is designed to help companies in various industrial segments -- such as smart manufacturing, solar and wind power management, and electric vehicle charging stations -- perform data processing, data acquisition and remote monitoring.

There are two main components in the kit, pictured below. The first is Moxa's ThingsPro Gateway software platform, which includes the AWS IoT Device software development kit. It also integrates with AWS Greengrass, which became generally available earlier this summer and brings cloud-based data management, syncing and other functions to IoT devices.

"ThingsPro Gateway lets you set up tags and devices on AWS IoT. You can then transfer field data to various AWS cloud services -- such as Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3 -- to collect, process, and store data," Moxa said in its announcement.

The Moxa IIoT Gateway Starter Kit, with AWS support.

Besides AWS, the ThingsPro Gateway platform also currently supports Cirrus Link Sparkplug. Future releases will add integration with Microsoft Azure, Google IoT Core and Schneider Wonderware, the company said.

The second prong of the IIoT Gateway Starter Kit is the hardware -- specifically, Moxa's UC-8112 Edge Computer, a small, ruggedized appliance that Moxa describes as "an industrial-grade ready-to-deploy communication-centric computing platform."

UC-8112 Edge Computer is powered by a 1GHz ARM processor and comes with 512MB of RAM, two LAN ports and two serial ports. It's also able to support Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity via optional wireless accessories (see the datasheet here for a full list).

"By putting together the UC-8112 Edge Computer hardware and ThingsPro Gateway software, the IIoT Gateway Starter Kit presents a flexible, rugged, and powerful platform," Moxa said.

More information on the IIoT Gateway Starter Kit is available here.

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