AWS Extends Its Support to SQL Server 2017

The newest release of Microsoft's relational database server is now supported on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

SQL Server 2017 hit general availability just this week. On Wednesday, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced it would begin supporting workloads running the new release on its cloud.

"SQL Server 2017 is available from today in all AWS regions," AWS said in its announcement. "You can launch your SQL Server 2017 instances on-demand using Amazon EC2 Windows Server 2016 License Included (LI) AMIs directly from the EC2 console, or the AWS Marketplace and are available in four editions -- SQL Server Web Edition, SQL Server Express Edition, SQL Server Standard Edition, and SQL Server Enterprise Edition."

Users can also use their SQL Server 2017 licenses for both Windows and Linux EC2 instances, as well as for Docker containers running on EC2.

The added support will allow organizations using SQL Server 2017 to take advantage of AWS' roster of security solutions. For example, AWS capabilities such as data encryption, virtual public clouds (VPC) and the AWS Directory Service can provide additional protections on top of SQL Server 2017's existing capabilities like row-level security, Always Encrypted and dynamic data masking.

Users can also integrate their SQL Server 2017 instances with AWS' monitoring and resource management tools, including CloudWatch, CloudFormation and the EC2 Systems Manager.

"These capabilities help ensure your SQL Server deployments meet your performance, manageability, security, and availability requirements while benefitting from the scale and agility of the AWS Cloud," the company said.

About the Author

Gladys Rama (@GladysRama3) is the editorial director of Converge360.


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