Splice Machine Puts Open Source RDBMS Sandbox on AWS

In taking its Big Data RDBMS to open source, Splice Machine Inc. today announced a new sandbox on the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud where data developers can explore the dual-engine technology.

Those dual engines would be Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark, which along with other open source components form the foundation of Splice Machine 2.0, which is now available in a licensed enterprise edition and a free community edition.

The Splice Machine RDBMS seeks to leverage the advantages of the SQL and NoSQL worlds -- for example, providing ANSI SQL on Hadoop for ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) transactions with scale-out capabilities and in-memory query performance.

"Now generally available, Splice Machine 2.0 integrates Apache Spark, a fast, open-source engine for large-scale data processing, into its existing Hadoop-based architecture, creating a flexible, hybrid database that enables businesses to perform simultaneous OLAP and OLTP workloads," the company said in a statement today.

The company followed through on an announcement last month that it was moving its technology to open source, and today announced the 2.0 Community Edition as part of that move. The AWS sandbox is positioned as an easy on-ramp to the technology.

"The Splice Machine V2.0 sandbox is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and allows developers to initiate a cluster in minutes," the company said. "The sandbox allows the developer to choose the number of nodes in the cluster and each node's type to accommodate a range of tests, from small to enterprise scale."

On its Get Started site, the company offers three choices to try out the community edition: spin up a Splice Machine cluster on AWS by downloading it through an Amazon E2 account; download it to a machine running Mac OS X or CentOS; or download a cluster edition for running on Cloudera, MapR or Hortonworks Hadoop-based distributions.

In conjunction with the free community edition, Splice Machine launched a supporting community Web site that features tutorials, videos, a forum for developers, links to community events such as meetups and user group meetings, the source code on GitHub, a StackOverflow tag for seeking help and a Slack channel for communication with other developers.

"I am very excited about Splice Machine opening its software and developing a community," said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO. "We are committed to making it as easy as possible for developers to get Splice Machine and test it at scale. Our Community edition is a fully functional RDBMS that enables teams to completely evaluate Splice Machine, while our Enterprise edition contains additional DevOps features needed to securely operate Splice Machine, 24×7."

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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