Unisys Puts Micro-Segmentation Security on AWS Marketplace

Unisys Corp. has put its Stealth micro-segmentation security solution on the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud.

Unisys Stealth uses micro segmentation to enact security policies, a new virtualization approach that moves security measures from network perimeters to more fine-grained applications, managing security by identity instead of network topology. "It virtualizes the network using cryptography to restrict communication to pre-authorized groups of users and devices called Communities of Interest," Unisys says. "It also cryptographically cloaks endpoints from unauthorized traffic.​​"

The London-based company, a cloud, infrastructure, application and security services specialist, said the new AWS Marketplace offering will put its advanced security within reach of all AWS users and provide its own customers with the advantages of cloud computing, such as ease of access and scale.

"With Stealth on AWS, users can quickly and easily micro-segment their own portions of the cloud from other users while keeping their own encryption keys," Unisys said in a statement yesterday. "They can unify their internal security protections with those on the cloud, enforce virtual machine-to-machine encryption in the cloud, and reduce attack surfaces.

Unisys Stealth
[Click on image for larger view.] Unisys Stealth (source: Unisys)

"In addition, Stealth on AWS allows organizations to extend entire workloads securely from datacenters to the cloud; manage access via existing identity systems including Active Directory or LDAP; and easily add integrated supply chain partners to micro-segments without giving them broad access -- at the packet level without any new hardware, firewall rules or application changes," the company said.

In the AWS Marketplace, Unisys Stealth(cloud) products are available for various Windows Server and Linux editions on 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI) instances.

"Security is top of mind for our customers, and at AWS, it's our No. 1 priority," said AWS CISO Stephen Schmidt. "Unisys Stealth on AWS provides extra layers of security for enterprises moving their workloads to the AWS Cloud. We are pleased this solution is now available on the AWS Marketplace, offering our customers immediate access to the security protection capabilities of Stealth."

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