Survey Highlights AWS Cloud Consumption Concerns

Tracking cloud computing usage and spending and allocating the proper costs to the proper business users is a prominent issue reported in a survey of 279 IT pros who attended recent Amazon Web Services (AWS) Global Summits.

"According to the survey findings, 79 percent are pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy and one third will grow cloud services by more than 50 percent in the coming year," said Cloud Cruiser, the vendor who commissioned Dimensional Research to conduct the survey at events in April and July. "Lack of usage visibility and cost transparency are highlighted as key problem areas which have in turn created increased demand for new, flexible and easy to use solutions that drive efficiency, cost savings and a way to show business users exactly what services are being consumed."

Cloud Cruiser noted it recently released a new product called CloudSmart-Now "that allows customers to easily track hybrid cloud usage by user and costs with built-in analytics."

"Of the 79 percent deploying hybrid clouds, the majority of those running AWS already have other clouds today, including private and public clouds from other vendors, "Cloud Cruiser said of the survvey. "However, most of the respondents report frustration with the inability to control cloud consumption and allocate costs to the proper business users within their organization." Other highlights of the study pointed out by Cloud Cruiser include:

  • 66 percent find it challenging to track cloud consumption for cost allocations.
  • 30 percent or more will complement their AWS cloud with another cloud.
  • Only 25 percent are able to align IT costs with consumption.
  • Reducing costs and improving IT efficiency lead desired benefits of the cloud.

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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